IPSY Glam Bag June 2014

by - June 16, 2014

After last month, I was pretty hesitant to get excited about Ipsy after seeing the spoilers. There were definitely several things in the photos that I wanted to receive, but I wasn't too keen on another disappointing month so I didn't get my hopes up.

Luckily, I'm actually pretty happy with this month's bag. Keep reading for a closer look...

I very, very rarely get at all excited about the bag anymore, but this month's bag is a real stunner. Designed by Rebecca Minkoff. It's fun and cute and very summery, and is apparently the same print as one of the dresses from the Summer 2014 collection. I think this will definitely be my summer purse makeup bag. So cute. But obviously what's important is the products....

I definitely prefer when my IPSY bag has a more tight focus on makeup rather than skin or body care, that's definitely my preference, so I'm pretty happy with the curation of this bag even if I'm not jumping up and down about one or two of the individual products.

NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee: Full size Value $5
I'm pretty sure that the three colours of Butter Gloss that people received in this month's bag were the three colours that I already have in my collection. Creme brulée, Eclair, and Apple Strudel. So no matter what, I was going to get a duplicate. But I don't even mind, because I absolutely love this gloss and am really happy to give it to someone in my circle to enjoy as well.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray: Sample Size Value $3.25
I was actually really excited about this product for a very random reason. I kept telling my boyfriend for the past few weeks that I was going to bring him a bottle of sea salt spray to keep his hair under control without making it crunchy or weird, but I kept forgetting. I actually already have a full size of this at home and was going to give it to him, but instead I get to give him this sample and keep my full size for myself. Win win. I actually do really like this product and I do really like beachy waves on myself. Excellent!

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Lash Out Mascara: Full Size Value $15
This is, without a doubt, the big controversy of this month's bag and all I see everywhere I look are people freaking out about the smell. And to be honest, the smell is pretty horrid - particularly in contrast to the Physicians Formula mascara I've been using recently. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to even try this, but I feel like I probably will. According to the company, it's still safe and according to the internet there's no irritation and the smell doesn't linger. So. There's that. But it's unfortunate that almost everyone seems to have gotten a really rank smelling product - which many people just threw away immediately.

Realtree for Her Fragrance: Sample Size Value: $1.25
When I peeked at my Glam Room last week and I tried to Google this to see what it was, I was pretty put off by the fact that it seems to be a company that makes camo. Not sure how I feel about that. HOWEVER, this fragrance smells really, really lovely and I think I won't mind at all popping it in my purse to take places with me this summer. Apparently the dominant notes are pomegranate, lotus blossom and mahogany teak wood. It smells good and light and summery. I don't think I'd invest in the full size, but I do actually really love getting fragrance samples. I have a pretty epic collection of them that I dive into from time to time when I'm on the go.

OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil: Full Size Value $13
Recently I've been mostly using my Anastasia Brow Wiz to fill in my brows, because I find it really natural looking, but it's almost run out and I think it's going to be going on the list of things that I'll only pick up when I'm in the States because the Canadian mark up is too high. This brow pencil might be a little too dark if I'm not careful with it but I think it can give a pretty nice look for when I want really groomed and perfected eyebrows. I don't think it would be quite universal though, because it would definitely be too dark for people with light brown or blonde hair. I like it though, so I'm calling it a win. 

Total Value: $37.50

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this month's bag. Obviously I'll be giving away the lip gloss, but I don't mind that one bit, and I'm still not sure if the mascara will be approaching my eyes. However, other than those things I think that this bag was good overall and it kind of washed away my disappointment from last month.

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