REVIEW: The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%

A while back I did a whole post about the products that I picked up from The Ordinary when I first heard that the brand launched, but I wanted to come back now that I've been using the products for a while and review them for you guys. The first one I want to review is The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA2%. I've had great success in my skin care routine with hydroxy acids, but I'd never had the chance to try lactic acid - which I'd heard great things about - so I picked it up!

Keep reading for some information about lactic acid as well as my thoughts on this product!

REVIEW: essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks

In my opinion, one of the most exciting new releases that essence has for Spring 2017 are the new matt matt matt lipsticks, which are available in 8 shades from soft, wearable nudes to bold statement shades. Originally, I ordered 2 of these off the website... and then literally the same day as my order arrived I picked up another two shades at Shoppers Drug Mart when I found that they had finally made it to shelves. Because matte finish lipsticks are my personal favorite and these lipsticks retail for $4.49CAD each, I really, really, really wanted these to be fantastic. 

Keep reading for my overview of the four shades that I picked up and my full review of this lipstick formula!

REVIEW: JULEP What Your Skin Needs Restorative Facial Milk

I was so impressed with the first facial milk moisturizer that I tried that when I decided to spend some of my Jules with my Julep subscription I just couldn't resist trying out their What Your Skin Needs Restorative Facial Milk. It looked quite similar to the one that I had already tried and I was really, really excited to try it. Of course, I wanted to wait until the weather got cold because I really wanted to put this product to the test on my driest possible skin. Since winter here in Winnipeg has officially turned brutal in the past few weeks, I've been putting this to the test consistently and I'm definitely ready to give you guys my review!

Keep reading for more!

REVIEW: essence Satin Touch Blushes

I've said it before and I'll say it again... If essence puts out a blush, it's coming home with me. I swear, the fact that I didn't get my hands on the Under My Umbrella Trend Edition blush that came out in 2016 is still haunting me a little bit. However, I've got a bit of a salve for that, because when I went into my local Shoppers Drug Mart last week to check out what was new on their shelves, I found that essence put out two new blushes in a new formula! I hadn't heard any buzz about these, they're not listed on the essence website, and I just about went crazy grabbing both of the available shades and basically running to the check out because they needed to be mine. Hyperbole, but you get me.

Anyway, I've used both of these a few times now and I'm more than ready to give you my thoughts.

REVIEW: Rasberry Mint Skin Care

Because I love supporting Canadian indie brands, I was really excited when I got the chance to try out some skin care products from Raspberry Mint. Raspberry Mint products are formulated without artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives, are cruelty free and are made in Canada. Sounds pretty good, right? I decided that the three products that I really wanted to try were the Cruelty Free Makeup Remover*, the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask*, and the Anti-Aging Protective Face Serum*.

If you're interested in finding out how these three products worked for me, keep reading!


When people asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, of course I said I wanted Sephora gift cards because... I mean, what else does a makeup junkie really want for Christmas? I mean, I could have made a wishlist of holiday sets or makeup products that I wanted, but I feel like a gift card is a twofer because you get the gift, but you also get to shop - and getting to shop is always a treat, but especially when you're not smashing into your own bank account. So, when Christmas day ended and I was faced with what would be my biggest Sephora spend ever, I was literally having dreams about what I was going to buy. This is a bit of a collective haul and includes 1 online order, 1 return, and a total of 3 trips to my 2 different local Sephoras... all in about 4 days. I know, I'm a fiend, but can you blame me? I was going to hold onto one of the gift cards... but then I got an email telling me that I was almost at VIB Rouge status, so clearly I had to spend it and get myself those perks for 2017.

Let's get onto the haul, shall we?

PRODUCT EMPTIES: November & December 2016

Hey guys! I skipped empties last month, so you would think that I would have a whole raft of things to go through here, but when I started digging in the box next to my desk where I keep my empties I found that I actually really didn't have that much on its way out this time around. I do have a few makeup products, though, which always makes an empties post more exciting if you ask me.

Let's go ahead and get into it!

REVIEW: SkinCeuticals Skin Care Routine

If you're a regular reader of the blog, you may recall that a couple of months ago I got to go to the launch of the SKiNWISE Dermatology clinic here in Winnipeg, which is now a SkinCeuticals clinic. I was pretty thrilled with everything about the event and look forward to going back to the clinic as a client, but I was also really, really thrilled that I would get to try out a customized skin care routine from SkinCeuticals. SkinCeuticals has been on my radar for ages, but I hadn't gotten the opportunity to try out any of their products yet, so I couldn't wait to get these products onto my skin. I've been using all three of these products consistently for about 8 weeks now and I'm definitely ready to give my full thoughts on them!

Keep reading for more!

ESSENCE HAUL: Eyes, Lips & Face Products

Hey guys! I know it's been a minute since I've posted over here, but I took a little bit of time away from blogging to really enjoy the holidays with friends and family... and then I basically got hit by a big truck of illness and have spent the last few days in bed pretty much unable to function. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Anyway, I had a few different posts planned to start off 2017, but I decided to go a slightly lazy route since I'm still recovering and come in with a haul for you guys! And, trust me, this haul is LONG time coming. I made this order on Cyber Monday (Nov. 28) and received it yesterday (Jan. 3). Yup. It took 3 weeks for them to process my order. At 24 days after I ordered, they sent me a message telling me that a limited edition product I ordered had gone out of stock. And finally after 5 weeks of waiting, my order arrived. I still love essence products, guys, but I have to be honest and tell you I'm never ordering from their website again. Not only is their Canadian shipping absolutely offensive, but the delivery time for my order was unacceptable. 

However, like I said, I still love their products and am pretty happy with almost everything that I picked up, so keep reading to see the haul!

2016 FAVORITES: Lip Products

I saved my lip product favorites for 2016 for last because... well, it was probably the one I really had to think about the most. Out of my entire collection, the number of lip products I own at this point is actually kind of insane and there are so many that I love, so I really had to do a lot of swatching and trying on (My poor lips!) to really get to a lot of these favorites. I also decided to go with formula on a few of them because I own and love multiple shades of my favorite lip product formulas.

Without further ado....


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