Unboxing: Memebox 10 Minute Box

by - June 18, 2014

I'm just gonna open with my most resounding thoughts about this box, because it needs to be said. This is the weirdest Memebox I've gotten and I'm still trying to figure out what I think of it. I wouldn't say that that's necessarily a bad thing, because there are some really nice, high value items in here. But it's weird. Straight up, it's super weird.

I wasn't really sure what was going to be in this box when I ordered it, but I don't think this was necessarily what I was expecting. This box, based on what I take from the description, is the quick preparation for naughty time box. Basically, these are the products to apply quickly before you and your man are about to get ~romantic. Okay. Hence the emphasis on fragrance and vampy red lips, I suppose. 

Keep reading for more detail on this weird, weird box.

1. Aromalab Designer Fragrance Oil - American Pheromone Woman Type 01 
8ml Full Size - Retail: $34
We'll start with what I do like. The packaging on this product is really, really gorgeous. This fragrance oil is dispensed with a rollerball and comes in a really lovely frosted glass vial that would be perfect for on the go. The design of both the box and the label is really chic and classy, I really enjoy it. Unfortunately, I'm still not quite sure about how much I enjoy the smell. First of all, it's very strong. Second, while the description tells me that this has a "fun and fruity top note that smells like raspberries, violet and fresh grapefruit, and a sensual vanilla note that will last throughout the day," something about it smells very mature to me. Also, I'm not really sure about this American Woman Pheromone thing. Is this supposed to make my man go crazy with wanting me because of... science? Maybe I'll try it and see how it works with my personal body chemistry, but at first sniff I don't think it's a scent for me.

2. Secret Romance Hair Essence Lovely
60ml Full Size - Retail: $39
Straight away, I feel like there's no way that this actually retails for $39. It's a fairly small bottle and even if it is the most amazing thing to ever touch my hair, that price is just too over the top. Also, I tried looking this product up online and I couldn't find it anywhere to confirm. So there's that. HOWEVER, all of that being said this is definitely one of the two products in this box that I'm a little bit in love with. According to the description, this is also a pheromone product (Is this a thing is Korean beauty now???) and it's "enriched with Angelica root oil, grape seed oil, aloe vera extracts, and ginseng extracts" to "give you the lush and glamorous hair that you've always dreamt about having." Sounds good, right? Also, it smells like everything that is amazing in the land of hair. I haven't used it yet, but I'm absolutely dying to. Review to come.

3. Laboratory Eyelash + in Natural Angel 001
Five pairs Full Size - $5
It may be hard to believe, based on the insanity of those lashes, but these are by far the most natural of the bunch that were included in this box. I could have gotten "Cute Princess" lashes that would be even more firmly relegated to future Halloween costume fare than these ones are. Let's be real, I'm never going to wear these with any kind of seriousness. Also, who makes false lashes a part of their preparations for the making of the love? Imagine it coming off and sticking to your partner's cheek. Sexytime over. Anyway, these will be fun for Halloween parties, but there's no way in hell I'm wearing these lashes for any kind of seriousness. Also, they feel like doll lashes, thick and plastic and yuck. But at least they didn't inflate the price?

4. Hope Girl Powdery Body Perfume
20g Full Size - Retail: $49
Speaking of inflating the price... Even the Memebox website has this listed for $42, and the only other website I was able to find it on had it listed for $34. That's annoying. That said, this product is actually pretty sweet. It smells really nice and feels silky on the skin, so I could definitely see myself dusting myself with this after a shower to give myself a subtle scent and keep the skin feeling smooth and fresh. I love that the packaging comes with a really nice, fluffy puff in the lid for applying the powder to the body, as these kinds of products can be a bit of a disaster mess otherwise. Also, even though animal print and gold aren't really my thing, I think the packaging of this is actually pretty gorgeous and I won't mind leaving it out to be seen.

5. Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick in Burgundy Red
3.4g Full Size: Retail: $25
GUH. This product is the winner of the box. I didn't think I would love the packaging - because, you know, gold and animal print - but there's something just gorgeous about it. It feels significant and luxe in your hand and has that great little window at the bottom so that you can see the colour. Gorgeous. Now, this one appears to be priced up too, which I'm actually pretty annoyed with at this point, but I'm willing to ignore it because I would actually pay $25 for this, I think. It's creamy and smooth and beautifully opaque and it seems to have impressive staying power - though maybe not the 10 hours that it promises, but when does lipstick ever last that long? All in all, this lipstick really would make me feel sexy and powerful, and isn't that the point of a good red lipstick?

Total Retail: $152 (But we know that's not true.)

So there you have it... My 10 Minute Memebox. Like I said, weird weird weird. But I don't hate it. Except for the eyelashes, because seriously? Also, I'm going to start looking much harder into the prices that Memebox tells me. I feel like I would much rather know the actual retail (even if it was significantly lower) than to feel like they're actively trying to deceive the customer. Even without price fudging, this would retail for significantly higher than what I paid for it, so why lie? 

Anyway, I have another Memebox on order that is set to ship at the end of this week, and hopefully that one is a little more impressive than this one was.

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