UNBOXING: Memebox K-Style Box

by - August 13, 2014

I gotta tell you... I do love this express shipping thing. If I'm being perfectly honest, I think this is the only way I'm going to Memebox from now on, because the waiting was enough to drive a woman crazy. Granted, I don't want to actually pay for the upgrade, so it's going to be value sets all the way. I very, very sincerely hope that they keep the free upgrade the express shipping with value sets. It's good business, I swear.

SO. Today I received my first value pack and, I gotta tell you, I'm pretty much over the moon at this point. So over the moon, in fact, that I went to order another one right after this and it sold out in the time between my going to the site and logging into my account. I'm pretty gutted, I have to say. That being said, I'm sure that I'll go and order something else soon enough. I think I'm going to be pretty bummed out when my second value set arrives next week and I have no more to look forward to. THAT'S HOW THEY GET YOU EVERY TIME, I SWEAR.

Anyway, onto this box.

From the Memebox website:
Korea has beauty on lock, and this K-Style Box is bringing you all the latest beauty trends straight from Seoul!

Ever wondered how Korean celebrities look so perfectly gorgeous on screen without looking like they have pounds of makeup caked onto their face? Now, you can recreate whatever K-style look you desire with just the tools in this box! Whether you want to go for that signature Korean “no-makeup” look with perfect porcelain skin, youthful aegyo-sal eyes and gradient baby lips, or want to glam up your style with your favorite K-POP idol makeup trends, this box is a must have for Korean beauty addicts!

Unbox all the hottest beauty trends in Korea!
Basically, this box had me at hello. I will freely admit that I have a bit of a guilty pleasure for K-Pop. It's like candy - Really, really sweet candy. It's fun and fluffy and makes me dance in my car and pretend like I can speak Korean. I mean... with the number of dramas that I've watched, I like to pretend like I know a few words and I occasionally drop them into English speech in my regular life. So why can't I pretend like I could ever dream of looking like CL or Dara or Lee Hyori? I'll be honest, I'd pretty much trade my face for Lee Hyori's face pretty much any day ever. God, that woman is a goddess. I digress. MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A STUNNING KOREAN CELEBRITY, MEMEBOX.

Now onto what they included to try to make my K-Style dreams come true...

1. awesome Aqua Radiance CC Cream - Full Size - Value: $29
If you read my unboxing of the Cooling Care Memebox, you'll recall that there was a cleanser from this company, and if you read my Memebox Product Updates post that I'm pretty much obsessed with that oregano scented miracle. Now, I've never had even a little bit of success with CC Creams before. The few that I've tried have made my skin an absolute oil slick within a few hours of applying it and it kind of turned me off the whole CC thing. That being said, I've only ever tried North American versions and I feel very much the same way about those CC Creams as I do about North American BB Creams, so I've got hopes for this. The description of this product says that is good for "everything from balancing out skin tone & texture, treating fine lines & wrinkles, maintaining the moisture/oil balance and covering up skin imperfections." If it holds up, I'm for it. I'm looking forward to giving this a try as a makeup base... maybe my impression of CC creams will be forever altered.

2. RiRe Luxe Auto Gel Liner in Champagne & Choco Brown - 2 x Full Size - Value: $14ea.
I've had incredible good luck with Korean eyeliners in the past so I was definitely not disappointed to see two of them included in this box. One thing I've noticed about Korean beauty trends at the moment is that it's pretty common to put a light, shimmery shade on the inner part of your lower lash line. Not your tear duct, but actually under your eyes, and I assume that is what the Champagne one is intended for. Hell, I'm willing to give it a try. Like I said, I would really enjoy looking like a K-pop star. The Choco Brown shade, however, is the real winner here. It's a deep, warm brown shade that manages not to meander at all into the blackbrown arena with a kind of golden sheen to the finish. The gold shimmer is fine enough, however, that I can't really see individual specks. Anyone else ever notice how that seems to happen with brown liners specifically? Anyway, I swatched these and those suckers STAYED PUT so I have high hopes for the water and sweat resistant claims. Win!

3. Bbia Pigment in 04 Sweet - Full Size - Value: $5
Ohhh this baby is pretty. Slightly menacing and definitely messy, but pretty as all hell. I would definitely say that this is a true rose gold pigment because it leans towards copper but it doesn't quite get there with the fieriness, if you know what I mean. This is supposed to be very long wearing and give you a pearliness to the lid. I'm for it. Kinda. When I swatched this, it smoothed onto my skin beautifully and gave me lots of colour and tons of shimmer. However... Holy fall out. I know, I know, pigments are generally a pain in the ass like that and I need to get over it... but this is why I don't often work with pigments. Still, it's gorgeous as all hell and I'm definitely going to make sure to bust it out the next time I want an all out, punch you in the face nighttime eye look. I already have one in mind.

4. A'PIEU Full Of Nature Mascara - 4.3g Full Size - Value: $3
FIRST of all, this is the ittiest bittiest full size mascara I've ever seen in life... However, I went and looked it up online and it would appear that this actually is the full size of this product. Also, this may be the first time in life that Memebox has undervalued one of their products, because everywhere I saw this product it was listed at over $6 for the 4.3g size. Super weird. Anyway, this product is said to elongate your lashes and set them up for a lasting finish. Also, it's said to have various grain, berry and flower extracts to help maintain healthy lashes. Also, it definitely has fibers in it, but that isn't mentioned in the description. Either way, I do love trying out a new mascara, so I'm definitely looking forward to trying this out. And I'm still weirded out by the size and price. Anyway...

5.  Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher in CR01 Soft Coral - Full Size - Value: $7
So this particular product grabs the cuteness by the cute, cute balls. It's adorable. Also, it's really, really pretty in a pale peachy pink shade that I think will look very natural on my fair skin. I think I'll actually end up liking this in the winter when I completely fade to the colour of milk, but I feel like it just might work right now with a little bit of tan as well. It's said to be extremely long lasting and has silica components to maintain soft and silky skin. I'm in. Also... HOW FREAKIN' CUTE IS IT? I will undoubtedly never use that little powder puff, but I don't have any desire to take it out of the package either because it's just 100% cuteness. Another product that I'm really, really happy with.

6. Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow in 03 Fuscia Purple - Full Size - Value $24
First off, because it needs to be said, I am not the least bit mad at the fact that they ripped off Dior on this one. Honestly, the number of times that I've been standing in Sephora and lusting after the Dior lip products on virtue of their packaging alone is staggering. Now, before I opened this I was really, really scared that I got yet another orange lip product that I would never wear (Stay tuned for the OMG box tomorrow... Sigh.) but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the tube and found... PURPLE! MY FAVORITE! On the lips, this actually leans more fuscia than purple and gives a distinctly (wait for it...) radiant orchid kind of shade, but I'm not mad at that either. It feels amazing and moisturizing and I want every shade now that I've applied it once. Maybe even the orange, that's how amazing this feels.

 l. to r. Fuscia Purple, Choco Brown, Champagne, Soft Coral, Sweet

Total Value: $96

I'm obsessed with this box. Seriously. I'm insanely disappointed that I wasn't able to get my hands on K-Style 2 before it sold out, because this is just... so freakin' good. I obviously haven't tried out all the products on my face, but I'm absolutely looking forward to trying them all. The quality of these products seems to be really on point and all of the shades are really, really pleasing to me. I swear, this might pull right to the top of my favorite Memeboxes list. It's that good.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Memebox is really great and worth giving a try. There's a huge selection of boxes to choose from and there's absolutely something for everyone.

Check back tomorrow for another Memebox unboxing.. and hopefully 2 more to come next week!


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  1. glad you are so impressed with memebox! i ordered my first box yesterday, and it ships out in september, so it'll be interesting to see how i like it! :) i definitely didn't pay for express shipping though, although it would be nice. at least memebox is available to Canadians!

    ps - i really like your blog :)


    1. Which box did you end up ordering? I swear, I've never been straight up disappointed with a Memebox (even the one that just somewhat confused my face off) so I'm sure you'll like it no matter what! And you'll probably want to order more, since that's my first instinct every time I open one. "This is so great, GIVE ME ALL THE MEMEBOXES!"

      Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! I'll check out yours!

    2. I chose "Meme's Pouch" so I have no idea what kind of goodies I'll be receiving! I'm already eyeing the yogurt one, but I want to actually get one first before I go crazy and order more.
      Thanks for following me! :)

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