WINNERS FIND! Cargo Vintage Escapes Palette.

by - November 20, 2014

Straight off, I'm gonna say that I love Winners. I really, really love Winners. Winners is a happy place for me. Now, some Winners are greater than other Winners, but any Winners that I've shopped in with any sort of regularity is a Winners where I've found something good. And almost every stop at Winners garners some kind of purchase at some kind of great price. Could I possibly say Winners anymore times in such a short paragraph? Yes.

You know those shopping trips where you just find an incredible item at an incredible price? I had one of those shopping trips today at WINNERS. Now, I am trying to be really good and not buy anything for myself at the moment, since there is Christmas shopping that needs to be done and there is just no room in the budget for selfish splurging. However, this is absolutely not a splurge. This is a steal. And a half. Maybe two halves. This is a double steal. Is my excitement coming across here? I. Am. Excited.

Today I picked up the Cargo Cosmetics Vintage Escape Palette at Winners for $9.99. I am tempted to drive my ass all over this city to other Winners stores just to see if any more of these palettes are lurking, because I would buy them all. Every single one. Why? Because it's great. SPOILER.

Keep reading for a closer look at this bargain priced greatness... Unless you need to run out to your local Winners and look for this palette right now, because let's be honest... I couldn't blame you.

When it comes to the packaging of this, I feel like it is all the way on point. The outside of the palette is a warm toned brown leather-like material. I assume it isn't real leather, although I can't seem to find anything on the internet to confirm that. We're going to go with it being faux leather, though. Either way, it's really nice and sleek, giving a kind of easy going sophisticated look to it. I also really like that it has a flap over the front edge rather than just having the lid on top, as it gives it a look almost like a wallet to me. Also, the flat is magnetized, so this is going to be a really great travel palette.

This palette does contain a double ended brush, with a small, flat eyeshadow brush on one end and an angled brush on the other. To be honest, the brush is kind of a throwaway for me, but I feel like I have a couple of great brushes that would easily fit into the brush slot so that's not a big deal for me. I actually do just really like having the brush slot there. 

This palette contains 2 shades in total, with 5 of those shades being matte and the other 7 being shimmers. None of the shimmer shades actually contain any glitter, which is a huge plus for me because it makes it a lot more wearable. Overall, this really is a neutral palette. Even though there is a deep blue shade and a crisp green shade, even those feel very neutral. This is definitely not the palette for someone looking for bright, colorful shades. I feel, though, like this is a neutral palette that really gets it right and covers all of the bases.

Harvest Moon - A creamy, matte vanilla shade. Buttery smooth texture with great pigmentation.
Cuddle - A soft, shimmery pale pink champagne shade. Really good pigmentation and soft texture.
Frolic - A slightly cool toned taupey brown shimmer. Good pigmentation, smooth texture.
Cinnamon - A golden copper shimmer that leans metallic. Beautiful pigmentation, creamy texture.
Twigs - A neutral dark grey-blue shade with fine silver shimmer. Good pigmentation and texture.
Black Crow - A stark matte black shade. A little bit powdery with not-great pigmentation.
Crisp - A shimmery gold champagne shade with some iridescence. Good pigmentation, soft texture.
Hot Cocoa - A mid-toned warm matte brown shade. Smooth texture with great pigmentation.
Autumn - A mid-toned brown matte shade that leans slightly organge. Creamy texture, great pigmentation.
Withered Leaves - A khaki green shimmer with a golden sheen. Good pigmentation, soft texture.
Rustic - A classic bronze shimmer shade. Gorgeous pigmentation and texture.
Chestnut - A deep espresso brown matte shade. A bit dry and powdery but highly pigmented.

Overall.... This palette is gorgeous and an absolutely insane value at $9.99 at Winners. I swear, if you can get your hands on this you absolutely should. There is a great shade selection that would easily create a lot of different neutral, wearable looks as well as more dramatic nighttime looks. The quality on most of the shadows is absolutely out of this world.

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  1. wow this is super gorgeous! what a great bargain too.

    1. It's so gorgeous. I used it this morning and the shadows just apply and blend so beautifully. I am seriously going to stalk some other Winners in hopes of gifting them....

  2. Holy moly! What a gorgeous palette!

    1. I've been using it every day since I got it, and I swear... it's possibly the best palette I've ever had. If you can get your hands on it, it's so worth it.