by - December 15, 2014

This is my second week of my new Music Monday feature and I'm pretty much loving it, I have to admit. I love music in that it's always about mood for me. I tend to usually lean towards music that is folky and emotional, the kind of music that I call Kitchen Floor Music, but sometimes I have a distinctly poppy lean. This is where my love of some things K-Pop comes in. I don't love it all, but the stuff I love can put me in a good mood every time. Lately, this has been my favorite cooking music and I've been driving my boyfriend (the anti-K-pop superstar) crazy dancing around the kitchen to this while I make dinner. But I can't help it!

G-Dragon can pretty much always be counted on to bring some crazy, over the top esthetics to videos, performances, and even strolls through airports, so it's always a fun watch no matter what. Of course, this is no exception. And, of course, you've gotta love the video director's completely unsubtle California Love thunderdome nod. And the black light is cool. And like most k-pop videos, it has its own dance routine that fans can learn. I remember back in the day, when this was acceptable for my age group, hanging out in my friend's basement learning all the moves to Backstreet's Back. And we loved it. And we accidentally learned it backwards because none of us were dancers. But we learned and it was fun. So I can see the appeal.

Anyway, I think of K-Pop as candy and G-Dragon is my favorite. Yum yum!

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