UNBOXING: Memebox Super Luckybox #11

by - December 12, 2014

This is my first Memebox in a while... which is because Memebox hasn't been releasing any new boxes lately. I've been kind of bummed by it every time I get the emails about all of the new products and the deals on the US shop that I can't partake in when there's no new boxes. I have a feeling, though, that they might be catching up with the shipping of boxes that they've already sold out and will be putting out boxes that will ship more immediately once they've gotten through that backlog. Makes sense, really, because there have been more than a few times that a shipping date 2 months away has been my reason for not adding a box to my cart. I'm not quite patient enough for that. I have a feeling I'm not alone in that either, since the two Christmas boxes that they released earlier this week sold out in the first day. Here's to hoping that when the new year arrives, we're hit with lots of new Memeboxes to consume. 

I ordered this Memebox on September 25... See what I mean about long shipping? But even though it was such a long time until shipping, even though this wasn't available in a value pack that would net me the very desirable upgrade to free shipping, I had to order it. My first Memebox ever was the very first Luckybox and it's what absolutely got me hooked on the service, so I have a special place in my heart for the Luckybox and I had the impression that this would be packed with full size goodies. Let me explain... Traditionally, Memebox has used the word "Superbox" to describe their boxes that contain only full size products, so when that was thrown in front of this one I made an assumption. Which I suppose was wrong. I'll get to that later in the post.

Keep reading for a closer look at my unboxing of the Memebox Super Luckybox #11.

From the Memebox website:
Have you heard?

We’re back with a Super Luckybox #11!

Packed with only the best-selling and top-rated beauty goodies in all of K-Beauty history, this box will surely make you a Memebox believer!

If you’re feeling lucky, take this chance to get in our biggest beauty hits!
So, in the defense of Memebox, the expectation of full size products was entirely based on my own assumption rather than anything that they actually said. And truth being told, this does actually contain 5 full size products and on only 1 product that isn't full size. So really, I should just stop whining then, shouldn't I?

Onto the individual products!

Too Cool For School McGirly Good Morning Rice Wash Set - Full Size - Value $6
Product Description
"Formulated with fermented rice bran, oatmeal, black tree fungus, and portulaca extracts, this McGirly Morning Rice Wash provides rich nutrition and amino acids to sagging and dehydrated skin. A simple 10 second cleansing with this rice wash is all you need to replenish, firm, and brighten up the complexion!"
How To Use
"Pour one of the 2g packets into 600ml of water. Blend it well and pat it gently all over face as the last step to your average cleansing routine."

Admission... I actually tried this out this morning when I washed my face. I definitely couldn't stand using it every morning just because it involves a bowl and measuring and mixing. That's too much work for the morning, if you ask me. However, my skin did feel quite soft and hydrated after I used it, though I'm not entirely sure how that works. Either way, it felt pretty good and I'm actually having a really good skin day, so I can't really say anything bad about it. And really, it's unlike anything I've ever tried before, which is one of my favorite things about K-Beauty. It might not be straight up weird, but it's definitely unique.

TheYeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-In-One Serum - Full Size - Value $20
Product Description
"TheYeon's Jeju Hallabong Series boosts its organic formula made from the "Hallabong", which is a special type of orange cultivated only in the Jeju Island and best loved for bursting with Vitamin C and super sweet & tasty juiciness. Infused with other Jeju-born organic ingredients such as kiwi, broccoli, and aloe very, this Energy Mild All-In-One Serum works to replenish, soften and protect the skin."
How To Use
"Apply the serum evenly over your face and pat it for full absorbance. It can be used both morning and night."

Has anyone else here gotten sucked in by the addictive amazingness of the K-Drama? I swear, I went through a period of about 6 months where I basically did nothing but watch scrolling subtitles on highly melodramatic K-Dramas and I loved every minute it. And it seems like in most of my favorites, they inevitably end up visiting Jeju Island. And it made me want to go there. And now, apparently, put the essence of Jeju on my face. I'm really looking forward to trying this, especially because I love a serum that's packed with Vitamin C. Good call, Memebox. Send me things that remind me of K-Dramas more! 

Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Treatment - Full Size - Value $16
Product Description
"A 2-step hair care - shampoo and rinse - isn't enough as the weather becomes chillier and drier. Twice a week, use this nourishing Perfect Repair Treatment Pack to deliver deep nutrition and repair and protect damaged hair ends."
How To Use
"After shampooing, apply the treatment pack throughout your hair and rinse out after 2-3 minutes."

Sometimes when I'm transcribing the "How To Use" portions of these things, I want to say, basically, USE IT LIKE WHAT IT IS. But I don't because. Rude. Anyway, I always love trying out a hair mask. Especially right now when my hair is a little bit dry still from my balayage and made drier by the fact that I am heat styling it more often than usual lately. I hope this works. The last time I received a hair treatment in a Memebox, it didn't end well. Bad bad bad. Fingers crossed for this one. Unfortunately the smell reminds me of my Grandma's house in the 90s. Bad start.  But still, hope!

Dr.G Bling Bling Cream - Full Size - Value $24
Product Description
"Dr.G BB Cream coats thinly over skin and leaves a silky soft texture and a radiant glow that do not darken or melt down as the day goes on. While a blend of hyaluronic acid and rose extracts hydrate and rejuvenate the dryness, sage leaf extracts control excessive sebum secretion which help maintain flawless silkiness of skin. It only comes in a single tone which means it offers a natural coverage and a tone brightening effect suitable for all fair and Asian skin." 
How To Use
"Apply evenly over face at last stage of skincare."

So. I wish I got BB cream in every Memebox. That would make me really happy, since I love BB cream so much. As it is, though, this is only the second time I've gotten BB cream in a Memebox so I'm really happy about it. It really does have a very natural coverage, just enough to even the skintone but not enough to really cover any significant imperfections. I'm good with that. I like to have all levels of coverage in my arsenal and sometimes I do actually find my Korean BB creams to be too heavy, so I like to have something lighter in the collection. I was afraid that this was going to have a really dewy texture, which just doesn't work for me, but I actually found it had a more natural, luminous finish than a really dewy sheen. I'll keep trying this out and perhaps review it for real in the near future.

Soy BIO+ Fermented Lumpoule - Deluxe Sample - Value $24
Product Description
"This "Lumpoule" is a word combining two works - 'lump' and 'ampoule' - and is basically a facial ampoule made from real Korean fermented soy bean lump. It'll work to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and also brighten up your overall complexion."
How To Use
"After toner application, apply 2-3 drops of the ampoule all over your face and pat it in for full absorbance."

This is the only non-full size product in the box, but I can't really blame them since the full size is said to be 14 vials with a price tag of $170. However, again we're faced with a product that I can't find for purchase anywhere online, so... yeah.... Is this Memepricing? I dunno. I don't care. I actually really wanna try it. Weirdly enough, I've had incredible luck with teeny tiny samples of really expensive skincare. So I'm always up for trying the things that are teeny tiny and expensive. Also, teeny tiny means it's more likely that I'll use it up instead of leaving it in my goo hoard drawers. Oh yeah, I definitely have those. Anyway, I'm in!

Revencen Face Control Foundation #002 Violet - Full Size - Value $22
Product Description
"This unique Face Control Foundation works to cover up skin imperfections and control dull, yellow skin tone for a more refined, evenly balanced, and healthier looking finish with the base makeup. Plus, it contains natural preservatives such as green tea extract, and thus gentle and suitable for all skin types."
How To Use
"Use a makeup sponge or your finger to apply the hard-type foundation evenly over your face. Make sure to pat it in for full absorbance."

So. Purple foundation. I don't think that I have the kind of imperfections that warrant this and I'm pretty sure that if I was going to apply it all over my face I would look all kinds of dead. That said, this baby is smooth, creamy and pigmented and it really sets in a swatch pretty damn well, so I feel like I could easily use it as an eye base. Also, not gonna lie, I've been recently fascinated by the idea of using a purple blush so I might just try to apply this on my cheeks for that baby type look to my skin. I can always add something a little more rosy if it looks too weird, right? Honestly, considering that this is a purple foundation, I probably should have been disappointed. But I'm really not. In fact, I'm kinda into it.

So there you have it. Another Memebox bites the dust. Check back next week for unboxings of the new Christmas boxes, which are unfortunately sold out. However, there are actually quite a few boxes in stock or back in stock at the moment. 

Click Here to check out what's still available to order.

Memebox, if you're not familiar, is a mystery box service filled with Korean beauty products straight from Seoul. There are general boxes as well as a wide selection of themed boxes and I'm always excited to see what gets sent to me. If you've never tried K-Beauty before, this is a great way to dip your toe in the pool and try out some new and interesting products.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and check back next week for new content as always!

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