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by - February 11, 2015

Well, it's officially Official. No more Memeboxes for those of us who don't live in the US, China, or Korea. Not gonna lie... I'm super bummed. I hadn't been ordering Memeboxes for a while, but I had every intention of going right back to my addiction, because I still absolutely love K-Beauty and this is one of the best ways to try out a bunch of new products. Still, it might be for the best since I have a ton of products that I haven't gotten anywhere near using up yet. Of course, upon hearing that there would be no more Memeboxes in my life, I had to get one last Value Set (even though they upped the shipping cost by $12, which was really annoying.) Anyway, I picked up a set of three boxes for my last hurrah and I will be featuring them all on the blog in the next week. The first that we're going to touch on makes perfect sense to me in the progression of these posts, and it's the Cleanse Morning & Night box. So without further adieu...

Keep reading for a closer look at the products included in this box.

From Memebox:
If you want to achieve that beautifully radiant Korean glow, removing makeup is ALWAYS more important than actually putting it on!
Rule of thumb is, if you spend 20 minutes slapping on makeup, you should spend the same amount of time, maybe even more, cleaning it off!

Regardless of your skin type, cleansing is the most important step in the game of Korean skin care! Don’t waste your time running down the aisles trying to find your perfect cleanser  because we’ve curated the best morning and night cleansing routine-in-a-box to help you get glowing down to the pore!

1. SHARA SHARA Dream Of Moisture Cleansing Oil - 150ml Full Size - Value $13
Product Description
This effective, deep cleaning cleansing hydrates skin while it removes makeup and skin impurities. It provides essential hydration and nutrition for with sweet almond oil, avocado oil, argan oil, honey extract and more healthy ingredients to cleanse the skin's surface and renew the complexion, leaving it healthy-looking and refreshed. Ideal for all skin types, the non-greasy texture leaves skin feeling moisturized—never tight or dry. 
How To Use
Rub three to four pumps into dry hands and massage evenly over dry face. Wet the face and massage until makeup is melted away. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel.

Not gonna lie... This was one of the spoilers and it was one of the things that convinced me to pick up this box. I feel like I've been waiting for Memebox to give me a cleansing oil for about as long as I've been getting Memeboxes and the time has arrived. I love cleansing oils for taking off my makeup and I use them pretty much every day, but I haven't been particularly impressed with the one I've been using, so I'm eager for something new. Recently, I've been using a Shara Shara moisturizer that I got in a previous box and I feel like it's doing amazing things for my skin (There might be a review on that one in the near future, I think) so I was excited to try another skincare item from the brand. Another thing that excites me is the fact that this includes sweet almond oil.. because we're talking obsession point with sweet almond oil for me. Can't wait to try this!

2. YADAH Pore Refining Foam Cleanser - 100ml Full Size - Value $15
Product Description
This maximum-strength foaming cleanser leaves skin tingly clean and refreshed. Formulated with egg white extracts, mineral water, and flower water this pore clarifying cleanser controls excessive sebum, removes dirt and oil living deep within the pores, and soothes and refines the skin. The results? Skin is refreshed and purified! Of course, there’s the added bonus of less likelihood of breakouts and blackheads!
How To Use
Wet face. Take one dollop of cleanse and lather onto the face. Massage. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. For best results, use AM and PM.

I put a little dot of this on the back of my hand and it reminded me a lot of the Awesome Aqua Whip Foam Hug cleanser that I received in a Memebox last year and promptly fell in love with, which instantly gave me hope for this cleanser. I've been feeling the lost of that Awesome one since I used it up, so I'm hoping that this will fill that void. Foaming cleansers can be a bit of an issue when it comes to drying out the skin and I'm a wee bit concerned that this doesn't claim to leave skin moisturized, because I fear that means it'll leave it squeaky, but I'm staying optimistic. Cleanser tube half full and all that.

3. CALMIA Oatmeal Peeling Gel - 100g Full Size - Value $14
Product Description
This exfoliating grommage gel visibly rolls and lifts away dead skin cells when gently massaged onto skin. Its gentle oatmeal and honey infused formula helps to effectively peel away the dead dermal layer to uncover a smooth and fresh new skin! It also removes impurities and decongests stubborn clogged pores for a youth, radiant look!
How To Use
Apply a generous amount on clean, dry skin. Gently massage in a circular motion to roll, lift, and sweep away dead skin cells. Rinse well with water.

So... I'm kinda over gommage products. I was pretty intrigued by them at first, especially when you see the little balls rolling off your skin, but ultimately I've found them to be a little disappointing. Still, I love the idea that this contains oatmeal and honey, because those ingredients both consistently work really well for my skin, so I'm going to stay optimistic about this one and hope that it works out well with my skin. Never know, right? Gommage products must be popular for a reason.

4. BORY White Snow Toner - 130ml Full Size - Value $35
Product Description
This professional toner contains naturally brightening and moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, licoric extract, and morus alba bark extract to help clarify and brighten up the overall complexion. It contains arbutin, which inhibits the formation of melanin, to help prevent pigmentation and dark spots, and also contains propriety Lipidure to hydrate the skin, leaving skin clear, moist and healthy.
How To Use
Saturate a clean cotton pad with toner. On cleansed face, wipe soaked cotton pad all over the face. Proceed with your next skincare.

Apparently this round of boxes was Bory heavy, because I received three different products from this brand between this box and one of the others. I'd never heard of this brand before, which isn't uncommon for Memebox, so I can't really speak to reputation. I do, however, have issues with hyperpigementation left behind on my skin after I have a breakout. Anyone else have that issue? Anyway, I tend to feel kind of weird about using "whitening" products on my skin, but if it's going to help lighten my dark spots and give an overall brightness to the skin, I'm willing to give it a go. Fingers crossed!

5. NEOGEN Neoday Eye Remover Pencil - 2.6g Full Size - Value $16
Product Description
This ingenious retractable eye makeup eraser/fixer instantly removes all traces of eye, including waterproof formulas, with its innovative double-ended tip. The oil balm tip uses gentle, non-irritating and skin-soothing ingredients to gently erase makeup, while the sponge tip helps to remove all residue and help tidy up around the eyes.
How To Use
First, use the white oil balm tip to gently rub away any unwanted makeup around the eyes. Second, use the sponge tip to remove unwanted makeup residue and finish up your look.

This product is actually really interesting. I've never seen anything like this before, which is always an exciting thing for me when it comes to K-beauty because, for better or worse, there always seems to be attempts at innovation from Korean brands. This is a double ended stick that you're supposed to be able to use to remove eye makeup. One end is a kind of oily balm that you use first to loosen the makeup, and the other end is a soft sponge that you use to wipe the makeup away. I feel like this will be best used for application mistakes rather than for actually taking my makeup off at the end of the day. To be honest, I kinda can't wait to screw up my makeup so I can try this.

Total Cost: $29
Total Value: $93

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this box, but I'm actually pretty happy with it. There isn't a product in here that I'm not willing to try on for size and they all have pretty good claims, so it'll really all come down to how effective they are at the end of the day. Overall, though, I have to say that this was a well curated box that actually did manage to hit the brief pretty well. All of these products can be used in your cleansing routine both morning and night. Good call, Memebox!

Check back soon for the next in the very last of my Memebox unboxings! Cries!

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