EMPTIES: Products I Used Up June 2015

by - June 30, 2015

I have to admit, I felt pretty sure that basically all I was going to have in this month's empties was sheet masks. It's been a crazy month of sheet masks in my life. Ever since I received the BioRepublic sheet masks in June's Ipsy bag, I've been on a tear of using them pretty much every other night. Anyway, I opened the bag that I tuck products into when I'm finish with them and was actually surprised at how many things I finished... but I think it's because a few of the things in the bag have been in my collection for so long that I only used them a couple of times this month in order to finish them. Anyway, let's get onto to the empties along with mini-reviews.

Keep reading to take a look at what I used up this month!

1. COLAB Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo in Tropical
LOVE. Seriously. I can't even remember who it was that recommended this to me... but it was another blogger and I am seriously so glad that she did. I love this one so much. I love the way it performs, I love the scent... I just don't love how quickly I use it up because I can go so ham with it without looking like I'm reading for the nursing home in my hair region. Anyway, if you haven't tried the COLAB Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo... Do it. Seriously. Will repurchase.
2. John Frieda Intense After-Colour Conditioner
I believe I picked this up on clearance, so it might not be available anymore - which would be a shame. When I used to box dye my hair, I always wished that I could get full tubes of the conditioners that come with the dye and that's pretty much what this is. I used this about once a week as a hair mask and it did a beautiful job of keeping my hair silky and healthy looking even though it's been coloured a bit to death. Would repurchase if still available.

3. Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil Shea Butter Conditioner
Okay, so... I used this as a conditioner about twice before I decided it wasn't going in my hair again. I might tell you this is worth a try if you have very dry, frizzy or coarse hair... but if you have fine, straight hair like me this will likely be as hellish for you as it was for me. The residue left behind, no matter how long I rinsed, was just unbearable. That said, it does make a pretty decent shaving cream - which is the only way I managed to use it up at all. Never again.

4. Miracle 10 Solution 1 (Review)
I really liked this toner. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging, because I feel like I went through it more quickly than I would have liked on account of the pump, but the product inside is worth it. Like I said in my review, this toner really feels like it's doing something when you apply it to the skin. Would repurchase.

5. Miracle 10 Light Serum (Review)
This is a great serum for daytime and I absolutely loved how it wore under makeup. I feel like this is the perfect amount of moisture for during the day, because it kept my skin hydrated without breaking up my makeup or making me oily while also giving my skin some real benefits. Would repurchase.

6. First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream
First, I'm pretty sure this has been discontinued. Second, it's been in my collection for WAY too long. Third, it's fine but nothing to write home about. I liked using this as a daytime moisturizer on days when my skin was feeling a little parched and needed some TLC. Probably wouldn't repurchase.

7. Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence
I picked this up on an ages ago recommendation from Kalyn Lord (who has since given up blogging, much to my sadness) and I couldn't have been happier with it. I feel like it's hard to explain how this effected my skin, because it was just an overall improvement in the appearance and feel of my skin. This stuff is just really, really good. Will definitely repurchase.

8. L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Waterproof Mascara
This is my favorite mascara. Period. And, as pretty much all other makeup junkies can attest, that's a pretty huge statement. As you can see in the picture, this tube looks like it's been through the war, and the reason for that is that I literally use this every single day. Which makes it super unfortunate that I'm pretty sure they're discontinuing it. I need to buy like 5 backups, I think. It's so good. I use it both on it's own as an every day mascara look or sometimes as a kind of primer for other mascaras because it holds a curl amazingly. Give me all the backups! Already repurchased.

9. NAISTURE White C Mask Pack (x2)
I picked these up in a 5 pack at Winners and I quite liked it. It made my skin feel and look pretty good, I think, and it has a nice fit on the fact. Would repurchase.

10. Missha Red Ginseng Sheet Mask
Not my favorite, but pretty alright. I feel like this one is less about any kind of real skin care and more about a little bit of relaxation and TLC for both you and your skin. Would not repurchase.

11. LIFE Brand Pore Cleansing Facial Sheet Mask
THIS ONE IS SO GOOD. Honestly, after using this one, my skin looked better than it has in a very long time. It's hard to explain, but it just looked fresh and healthy all day the next day. Will definitely repurchase.

12. Purederm Green Tea Essence Mask
This one felt really, really nice on my skin. It had a kind of cooling effect that really felt amazing on the skin and somehow felt like it was doing something as I was wearing it. I can't explain it... but it was good! Would repurchase.

13. DD'ell Gold Kiwi Mask
Meh. I didn't really like this one and I can't really pinpoint why. I suppose it's a good thing, since I got it in a Memebox and I don't know where I would find it to repurchase. Also, I think it smelled weird. I seem to remember that. Anyway, meh. Would not repurchase.

14. FROMNATURE Multi Effect Collagen Honey Mask
I really liked this one and wish I had another one on hand. Again, I can't really pinpoint what it did, but my skin looked great the next day and I really enjoyed wearing it as well. Would repurchase.

15. LIFE Brand Brightening Facial Sheet Mask
This one felt really good on my skin and made my skin look really healthy and glowy the next day. I have to say, I'm really impressed with the masks from LIFE Brand - and even more impressed at how easy they are to get my hands on at Shopper's. Would repurchase.

16. BIOREPUBLIC Cucumber Breeze Soothing Fibre Mask
This was the one that resulted in my using up all the ones  before it this month and that's because it was really, really good. I loved the way it fit my face and I loved the way it felt and made my skin look. I'm definitely going to think about picking up some more of these - even though I'm already hoarding the other two that I received in my Ipsy bag! Would repurchase.

So that's all my empties this month! Like I said, it was more than I actually thought that it would be. I have a feeling that next month is going to be another parade of sheet masks - so hopefully you look forward to reading that! 

Thanks for reading!

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