UNBOXING: Birchbox September 2015

by - September 17, 2015

I have to admit... I have no patience to wait and see what I'm going to be getting in any of my subscriptions until they arrive. I'm definitely the person who starts stalking for spoilers as soon as the beginning of the month hits, so I knew what I was going to be getting in this month's Birchbox long before it got here. Funny thing, though, I wasn't really sure how I would feel about any of it. Birchbox Canada has definitely, I think, been a little hit and miss for most of us. So how did September's box measure up?

Keep reading to take a look at what I got this month!

Raw Spirit Fragrances - Citadell
1ml Sample - Value $6.67
An elegant and energizing twist on a traditional vetiver scent.

First off, I really don't love getting perfume samples in general, but it especially annoys me when it's a teeny tiny sample without a spray pump. Maybe that's just me? Anyway, I do actually really, really like the scent of this. It's definitely a woman's scent, which I like, and it feels a little bit sexy to me without being too much. I'm crap at describing scents, so I won't even try, but I will tell you I like this one.

TOCCA Esfoliante da Corpo - Bianca (Body Scrub)
1oz Sample - Value $4.41
This sugar-based formula also has crushed olive granules which gently exfoliate for a supple effect.

I got a lotion from Tocca in a previous box, which is always kind of a bummer because I do like to see different brands featured in different boxes, but I do really like the scent of this scrub and I know it is actually going to get used. It's a light scent, not at all overpowering, and I suspect that I'll enjoy using the product itself.

Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Volumizing Blow Dry Spray
1oz Sample - Value $4.51
This ginseng and biotin-infused spray stimulates follicles and encourages healthy growth.

This is one that I'm really looking forward to using and will definitely be putting to use as soon as I have to blowdry my hair again. I like getting products whose use is something that I don't already have a product for, and this falls into that category. I like the scent of it, so at the very least I think I'm going to enjoy that.

100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
0.3oz Sample - Value $7.80
An instant pick-me-up that reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

I used this product once already and I didn't really see any difference in the appearance of my dark circles and fine lines, but an eye cream has never really done anything instantly for me, so I'm going to keep using this and see how it goes. Maybe things will start to look a little tighter and brighter in the future?

Japonesque Velvet Touch Eyeshadow in Shade 02
Full Size - Value $12.00
A richly pigmented shade that balances a light green hue with a hint of shimmer.

I'm SO GLAD that I got this eyeshadow in this month's box. First off... it's a soft, light shade that isn't a champagne, so I'm calling that a huge win. This has a very pretty antique gold type of feel for me that leans a little bit green, like the description says, and it's really beautiful all over the lid with a deeper chocolate brown shade in the crease. The formula is really nice, super smooth and so far it has lasted really well on my lids (with primer, of course). I'm actually tempted to order a couple more of the Japonesque shadows, which will tell you that I really do like it.

Total Value $35.39

This month's box also included a unique coupon code for 20% Off in the Birchbox Shop, which is a fantastic addition to the box and one that I can't wait to put to use.

Overall, I'm not blown away with this month's box, but I'm not mad at it either. I'm going to try out the products that I haven't tried yet before I really reserve judgement. Still, I feel like I like the selection of products this month and I love that it's a little bit different from other months of Birchbox. Looks like I'm gonna stick with Birchbox a little longer!

If you're interested in trying out Birchbox, I do have a referral code and I would love it if you would use it to sign up! The great thing, for me, about Birchbox is the points system. For Canadians, it's $10/month plus $5 shipping, but each month you can review your products on the site and you get 10 points for every review and every 10 points are worth a dollar to spend in the Birchbox shop. I've been hoarding my points and I am full out ready to shop now!

Thanks for reading!

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