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As promised, Sephora released spoilers for their Black Friday deals on the Sephora app today, which always gets everyone excited. This will be my 4th year in a row dragging my ass out of bed on that Friday morning to get in line at Sephora to grab some of their little gift sets and I'm definitely excited about a few of them. I wanted to go through all of the deals that they have, give my thoughts on the ones I've tried, and do a little math to figure out if they're actually a good deal. Since with a lot of these I can't be exactly sure of the sizes, there will be some guessing and estimating involved that might not be entirely accurate. If this sounds like something you're interested in, keep reading. 

**All prices are in Canadian dollars and based off the pricing on the Canadian website.  Valuations in US dollars will be lower. However, overall savings should be fairly comparable since these deals cost $10 in the US and $13 in Canada.

Warning, there are 28 deals, so this will be picture heavy!

Actual Value: $20.74 
I believe this one might already be available, because I'm pretty it's the same one that was reviewed the other day on Musings Of A Muse.

Actual Value $34.50
I'm assuming that the mini is half sized for this assessment, but it's still a good value since the MUFE Aqua Eyes full size shadow is $23 on its own.

Actual Value: $25.50
I definitely want this because I've yet to try the Ultra Repair Cream and I've heard amazing things about it as a winter moisturizer - and you guys know I love a mask.

Actual Value: ???
I don't have a size of the mini roller balls on this one, but I will tell you that if you're interested in trying NEST fragrances this is a great buy. I picked up the NEST trio last Black Friday and I LOVE it. Also, I think mini sized fragrances are great to have in your collection if you're like me and you like to change up your scent frequently. Also... Indigo and Dahlia & Vines are both GORGEOUS.

Actual Value: $25ish
I'm guesstimating the value of this one based on around half the cost of the full size less a little bit. I love both of these products, but I already have about 3 travel sizes of the mascara and half a tube of the primer in my collection so I won't be picking it up. Unless you're really keen to try this, I feel like this might be worth skipping since it's pretty easy to get deluxe sizes of this free with things.

Actual Value: $20
I haven't tried either of these products and I don't think I'll be picking it up just because I feel like I could get samples in this size for free as well.

Actual Value: $33
I think this will definitely be one set that I'll think about picking up. I've been wanting to try the lip foundation (on the right) and I already know that I love the lip creams. I think this would also be a really good stocking stuffer.

Actual Value: $15
Not the best deal at $13, is it? However, it's a cute little stocking stuffer and a good way to try out a couple of the masks. Still, a little disappointed with this one.

Actual Value: $30
This is a cute little set. I haven't tried any of these, but I think this would be a good way to try them or a good thing to have for travel if you've been thinking about trying them out.

Actual Value: $36.50
THIS IS THE SET I WANT. Okay, so I mostly just want it because I want this blush, but I do actually really like the maracuja oil and the mascara is pretty okay. I know a lot of people love the mascara, but it's just never been my favorite. Still, good set.

Actual Value: $33
For anyone who likes and uses the Purity Made Simple cleanser, this is absolutely the best time of year to buy it. They tend to have this in their Black Friday sale every year and it really is a steal - especially considering that they 3oz. bottle will usually run you $14. If you like it, stock up! For me, this isn't quite gentle enough, but it is pretty much a cult favorite.

Actual Value: $36
This is actually a pretty good deal as well, especially if you're really into these liners. These really are nice liners and these are really wearable shades that I think people would get a lot of use out of. Because I'm not much of a liner kind of a girl, these don't get me really excited, but I know these will be a must buy for a lot of people.

Actual Value: ????
Again, since I really can't estimate the size of these, I can't really guesstimate a total... But I WANT THIS. If I can get my hands on this, it's coming home with me, because I've really been wanting to try the CLEAN fragrances on my skin and this is a great way to do that.

Actual Value: ???
I'm not going to guess with this one, because sometimes I find that with the Black Friday deals the picture looks A LOT bigger than the actual sample. That said, this looks really cute and I'll definitely try to get a look at it in store and see what I think. I haven't ever tried a bareMinerals blush before, so it might be the time.

Actual Value: $16.22
Again, this isn't a huge value for the money, but it's a good way to try out these products if you've been thinking about them. I actually really love the Bear Naked Wipes, but I would recommend just grabbing the full size 30 wipes at $15.

Actual Value: $29.67
I wish quite hard that this was available in store, because I would buy it in a minute. I think this is a great set to get if you've been wanting to try either of these primers, and the eye primer is half size so that will probably last quite a while. Have not tried these, but really want to.

Actual Value: $30 or ???
These say mini, so I'm not actually sure about their size. If they are the regular Sephora Collection Precision Sponges, they're $15 a piece, but if they're miniature I can't assign a value to them. I haven't tried these sponges, so I can't speak to their effectiveness.

Actual Value: $18.76
I actually have tried this body scrub after getting it in a subscription box and it was quite nice. This is a really cute little set, so I think it would make a good stocking stuffer if you know someone who would like the scent of Pink Tulip and Green Apple. Otherwise, I'd skip it.

Actual Value: $32.54
I haven't tried any of these, but I'm actually thinking about grabbing this set to try them out. It's a good value and I've heard really great things about the CC Cream.

Actual Value: $22.50
I would HUGELY recommend this. I grabbed the Origins set last year and absolutely loved the Drink Up mask and the Clear Improvement mask. This year they replaced Modern Friction with Original Skin, which makes this set even more appealing to me.

Actual Value: $27ish
This valuation is assuming that these products are half sizes, which may or may not be the case. I actually did like the Blinc mascara, but it's not my favorite. It's lengthening but not volumizing and really gives a more natural looking lash than anything else. Both products do have decent ratings on the Sephora website though.

Actual Value: $14.50ish
The size of that Primer Water is basically a joke. I have a couple of samples of the Photo Finish Primer, so I can guesstimate that the primer water is probably around 10ml, which is 1/3 of the travel size you can buy for $15. I shake my head at this set. 

Actual Value: $18.26
I LOVE THESE WIPES. I don't think that I'll personally pick this up just because you can get this size of the wipes for $10 and I'm not really interested in trying the cleanser, but I would say this is a pretty good choice if you are interested in the cleanser and want to try them out.

Actual Value: $16.33
I really, really, really love this lip balm - other than the packaging. If this was available in a bullet, I'd have them in every purse, on my nightstand, in my desk at work (where I actually do currently have this pot) and in my car. I also really love the scent of Tainted Love. I really, really wish this set was available in stores because I want it a lot.

Actual Value: $34.50
Again, I can't be quite sure of the size of these, so I estimated based on a half size product. This is a really cute set. Though I haven't actually tried these lip glosses, I'm pretty sure I've heard good things and this is a really pretty, on trend shade selection.

Actual Value: $30
This valuation is assuming that these are full size nail polishes. These are really, really pretty shades and if they are full size, I will definitely try to get my hands on it. 

Actual Value: $19.60
This is a cute little set. I haven't tried either of these products, but obviously Caudalie is a very popular brand. I don't think I'd grab this personally, but there is a full size lip balm in there that basically covers the cost of the set so it's a good grab if you've been wanting to try that product.

Actual Value: $42
So this value is based on the $21 price tag for Sephora Collection Luxe False Lashes. I'm not sure if these are the same quality (honestly, they don't look like it) but I couldn't find any other Sephora lashes on the site. So I'm going with it. I wouldn't buy these though. I'd rather just pick up some Ardells.

So there you have it! Another year, another set of Black Friday deals. For me, I'm definitely going to try to pick up the CLEAN fragrance set, the Tarte Fanciful Favorites set, the First Aid Beauty Set, and possibly the Formula X or one of the hair care sets. We shall see! 

What's on your wish list for this year's sale? Let me know in the comments!

As ever, thanks for reading!

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