HAUL: Boxing Week Sephora Haul!

by - December 30, 2015

Because my family knows me well, I of course ended up with some gift cards for beauty purchases under the tree this year. Because I wanted to maintain my VIB status and have actually been behaving myself this year, I knew I needed to get down there before the end of the year and make a nice big purchase to get me there. So I did. And, of course, there were a few pretty great deals in store and it was just the perfect time. I don't do hauls often on the blog, but I decided that I would do one this time because I'm pretty excited about the haul. 

So... Keep reading to take a closer look at what I picked up!

Too Faced Love Flush Long Lasting 16 Hour Blush Wardrobe - $45CAD
HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS!!! As soon as I saw this online, I knew it was going to be coming home with me. I'd actually been dying to try out these blushes for a while, but I've always resisted because they are quite spendy. This, however, is a pretty great deal at about 30% cheaper in terms of weight than the full size blushes, and the fact that you get this wide selection of shades also makes this a better deal in my eyes. Look for a full review of this palette in the near future!

Caudalie Beauty Grows Here Kit - On Sale for $15 CAD
As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to pick up this set. At that price, it was an absolute steal (with a total value of $47.56CAD) and I've been really wanting to try out more Caudalie products recently. This set includes the Micellar Cleansing Water, the Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet, the Fleur De Vinge Shower Gel, the Gentle Conditioning Shampoo, and the Nourishing Body Lotion. Seriously, I'm so excited about this kit and can't wait to start trying out the products. Let me know if you'd like to see a review of all of the products from this kit once I've been using them!

Tokyomilk Dark Tainted Love Tempting Duo - On Sale for $9CAD
I've been wanting to get a mini of the Tokyomilk Dark Tainted Love fragrance for a while (Fragrance minis are my favorite because I tend to like to change it up) and at $9 this seemed like a great time to do it, especially  because at this time of year there's literally no such thing as too much hand cream. I'm happy with this purchase.

Sephora Collection Solid  Brush Cleaner - $17CAD
I picked this up because I've been wanting to pick it up for ages and it's often sold out, so I just decided to grab it. I have a couple of days off work this week and I plan on doing a massive brush cleaning so that every single brush in my collection is clean, so look for a review of this to come soon! I already love the Sephora Citrus Brush Cleaner and the beautyblender blendercleanser, so hopefully this stacks up!

So there it is, my little mini Sephora haul! If you're interested in seeing more hauls in the future, let me know because I'd love to start doing them more often!

Thanks for reading!

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