REVIEW: L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation

by - January 14, 2016

I've been wanting to try a cushion foundation ever since the first time I saw it in a Korean drama, but I've never pulled the trigger on buying one. When I saw the upcoming released for L'Oreal a while back and saw that they were coming out with a cushion foundation in their True Match Lumi line, I was very excited and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. So... When I saw the display at Walmart completely untouched soon after they put it out, it went directly into my cart along with wrapping paper and epsom salts, and I've been trying it out ever since. 

So, did it measure up to my hopes? Keep reading to find out!

L'Oreal's True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation is their first liquid foundation in a cushion that provides a fresh, luminous look in just one tap. Using the puff applicator, tap makeup onto skin and layer for perfectly customizable coverage.

Since this is all about the packaging, you know we're going to talk about that first. How pretty is the lid with the rose gold and the pretty branding? I absolutely love it and I feel like it's probably one of the prettiest cushion compacts I've ever seen. Inside there's a nice sized mirror, which makes this perfect for taking on the go - and perhaps the only kind of foundation that's true for. The applicator sponge sits on top of the lid to the pot, which snaps shut very securely to keep the product from leaking out or drying out. 

Honestly, the packaging is pretty much the exact same as the Lancome one, from what I've seen, which I suppose will surprise nobody since they are under the same umbrella.

Application of this product is incredibly easy, which I suspect is owing to the fact that this basically blends with zero effort. All you have to do is lightly press the applicator into the cushion to get some product onto it and then pounce it over your skin. Something about the formula with this application process makes it blend seamlessly. I'm not even kidding you when I tell you that I was basically astounded at how easily it blended into the skin. One thing I will say, though, is that you basically have to use the applicator that's included, because this really doesn't blend well with a brush at all and you really lose any coverage is does have if you try.

I would say that the coverage of this is sheer to light, and is buildable to medium. This is definitely not going to give you any kind of full coverage, so if that's your preference I would stay away from this product. I do think it does give a really nice effect on the skin, in that in never actually looks like makeup. Even as it evens out your skin tone and helps to give a better overall appearance to your skin, it never looks like you're wearing makeup. This does, as the name suggests, have a dewy, skinlike finish, but I don't find it to be greasy or too much. It just looks really healthy to me.

Now for the downsides. The first is that after only having this for a couple of weeks, I'm already starting to find it a little more difficult to get as much product onto the sponge as I'd like and I worry that it's going to run out really quickly. That said, I did just hear that you can flip the sponge over and that will help, so I plan on trying that. Another problem that I have is the price. I'm sorry, L'Oreal, what? $20-25CAD for 15ml of product? No. It's overpriced for the drugstore. As far as the volume of product that you're getting, that's high end prices and that's just not cool. You are clearly paying a premium for the packaging. Finally, the wear time on this isn't quite as long as one might like. I feel like after about 5 hours, this is really starting to just disappear on my skin. Because it is so lightweight, you don't have to worry about it breaking up and getting weird, but it just disappears. If I put this on in the morning and don't touch up throughout the day, there is literally no base product on a makeup wipe at the end of the day.

So my overall takeaway... I like the product, but I find it to be horribly overpriced for what it is. If this was a $10 product, I would probably repurchase like crazy for days when I just want a little something on my face or for on the go, but for $50/oz. I'd rather just go out and buy a high end foundation and be done with it. The novelty just doesn't balance out the price for me. I would recommend this for people who already have good skin and want to wear minimal makeup with little fuss.

Thanks for reading!

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