REVIEW: Indeed Labs vitamin c24*

by - March 15, 2016

*Product was provided for review.

The first time Indeed Labs ended up on my radar was with the cult favorite Hydraluron serum. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before in this blog just how much I love Hydraluron and how it always seems to end up coming back around in my skin care routine, making it one of those elusive forever favorites for those of us who are constantly looking to try new things. So, since I love that product so much, I was really excited when I got the chance to try the new Indeed Labs Vitamin c24 Face Cream*. I've really found that Vitamin C is a skin care ingredient that works really well for my skin, so I was anxious to see how this would hold up to some other Vitamin C products that I've been using in recent months.

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About vitamin c24:
Free radical fighter, collagen creator, and skin brighter. Indeed Labs' newest innovation, vitamin c24, is an intense cream formulated with a pure form of Vitamin C that does not oxidize, stays stable, and helps fight off environmental stressors. The revolutionary treatement is designed to delivery the maximum benefits of Vitamin C.

Vitamin c24 was designed to include a combination of 22% Vitamin C (L-absorbic acid) and 2% Micro-Spheres™ of hyaluronic acid offering the ultimate delivery of Vitamin C protection. Advanced Solubilisation Technology guarantees instant and long term delivery of the pure and stable vitamin, allowing it to be more trans-dermally absorbed never losing its potency.

As you can see, like other Indeed Labs products, this comes packaged in a simple white tube with grey branding. I personally love this packaging for a couple of reasons. First, aesthetically I think it's a very sleek, modern looking packaging that appeals to my personal taste. But second, and more importantly, I feel like it's functional because you can really control the amount of product that you dispense, and hygienic because you never have to touch the product itself and risk transferring bacteria to it.  Another nice thing, for me, is that the box that the tube comes housed in has a flap that contains all of the pertinent information about the product, keeping the tube itself from being overwhelmed with text but still allowing the customer to really get a feel for what they're buying/using.

The instructions say to use a pea sized amount of product on freshly cleansed skin. I've been using this the way I would use a serum, applying it after I've toned my skin and before moisturizer, and I feel like it works very well for me. One thing that I think bears mentioning is how this actually feels when you apply it to the skin. I don't want to be alarming, but this does have a bit of a sting when I first apply it, so I very distinctly avoid getting it on the sensitive skin around my eyes. For me, I actually like this feeling because it gives me the sense that it's actually intense enough to do something, but if you're very sensitive or afraid of that type of feeling I don't think you'll enjoy the actual feeling of this on the skin.

I find that it absorbs quickly into the skin, leaves a bit of an orange taste if I get it too close to my lips, and the tingle does go away entirely within a few minutes. If you're going to use this during the day (which I've opted not to do, instead keeping it as a regular part of my night time skin care routine) be sure to use SPF after you use it in order to protect your skin from the sun.

I have definitely noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin in the few weeks I've been using this. The most significant change is in the overall brightness of my skin. I think this is doing a good job of lightening any hyper-pigmentation I have on my skin from previous breakouts and just generally making my skin look less dull. I haven't seen any other anti-aging benefits thus far, but it has definitely helped to improve the overall appearance of my skin.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy or you think you could benefit from, I would definitely recommend giving it a try! Indeed Labs Vitamin c24 Face Cream* is launching exclusively in Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Canada on March 15, 2016!

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