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Once upon a time, I pretty much avoided going out in the sun like it was my job, but this summer has turned a bit of a corner for me and I've been itching to go hang out at the beach or the pool or on the boat pretty much every chance I get. Of course, because I'm pasty pale to begin with and the only part of my body that's actually gotten a tan in a last... probably 5 years has been my left arm while driving to and from work in the summer, I can't just wander out into the sun like it ain't no thing. Nope, I need to be prepared, so I decided to dump out my backpack and show you guys exactly what I've been carting to the beach/pool/lake/boat/etc. this summer!

Keep reading to check out the products that are literally already back in my bag and ready for the weekend!


So admittedly, I go a little crazy having different options of sunscreens on me when I'm going to be out in the sun, but I feel like I have reasons for each one. Clearly I need options for both face and body, because I don't want a break out situation on my hands, and I also like to have different types, so I have a traditional lotion, a spray lotion, and an aerosol spray. I'm high maintenance with my sun care, I guess!

Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen Spray* (Review)
I actually pack this one in my bag specifically for my sunscreen resistant boyfriend so that I have some hope of actually getting him to wear sun protection - and it works. With this, you do have to apply more heavily that some people do in order to get the full SPF, but it's easy and convenient and I really do enjoy this formula.

Live Clean Sport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45* (Review)
I really, really like this sunscreen and this has actually been the one that I'm reaching for most often to apply at the beginning of the day all over my body, because I feel like it gives me a really good  base of sun protection and it holds up really well to water.

Alba Botanica Facial Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40* (Review)
I've been using this sunscreen really consistently on my face while I'm spending time out in the sun this summer. This isn't the one I'm reaching for for every day use, but it's definitely the one I'm using when I'm going to be spending more, say, 15 minutes in the sun. I haven't had any issues with breaking out from it and I haven't gotten a sunburn even across the top of my forehead - which ALWAYS seems to burn on me.
Alba Botanica Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF 40* (Review)
This is actually the sunscreen that I tend to reach for when it's time to reapply, because it's really easy to just spray it out onto your skin and rub it in without having to worry about squeezing out too much. I'm not actually sure whether or not it's a good idea to reapply with a different product, but it's been working well for me. I've spent more hours in the sun in the last few weeks than I did all of last summer, and I've really only got the slightest bit of tan.


VICHY IDEAL SOLEIL Soothing After-Sun Milk for Face and Body
I'm a little in love with this stuff for applying after I've been out in the sun. I find that the elements, particularly water and bright sun, can be really drying for my skin so I like to put this on as soon as I shower off all of my sunscreen and give my skin a little treat. It smells delicious and feels amazing. Now, I can't speak to how this would work over a burn, but it's lovely in the circumstances I've been using it in.

12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment
I feel like I've mentioned this product everywhere in the past week, but it's because I've been using it a LOT lately. As you know if you follow this blog or my social media, I have bleached and coloured hair that definitely has its share of damage, so being out in the sun and the water is really, really hard on my hair. I like to spritz this into my towel dried hair and usually either tie it into a braid or twist it into a bun until I can give it a deep conditioner. This really has been saving my hair.

A Brush & Hair Elastics
Okay... I know you're not supposed to brush wet hair and I should probably change this out for a brush that is more gentle on wet hair... but this is what I have in there and it works fine - though it's probably breaking the crap out of my hair. Anyway, a brush and hair elastics are a MUST in my beach bag or I end up looking like a frizzed-out, pink-haired Medusa. Not a good look.

Pur Simplicity Soothing Gentle Cleanser
This is in there unused thus far, but it got added in there because the last time I went to the beach, we went back to a friend's house straight after and I desperately wanted to wash all of the sunscreen and beach grime off my face but I didn't have a cleanser. I'm hoping this is a good addition to the beach bag - can't hurt, right?

Sunglasses with UV Protection
We talk a lot about protecting our skin from the sun, but I feel pretty strongly that we have to protect our eyes too so I pretty much wear my sunglasses every time I'm outside all year around. When choosing sunglasses, you want to choose ones that will block 99-100% of UV. Make sure you read the label, because this isn't about the darkness of the lens. Also, for all the parents out there, it's a good idea to also get your children sunglasses with UV protection because they are always accumulating sun damage that can be harmful to their eye health.

A Hat (Not Pictured)
I hadn't bought a new hat since I was about 19, but since I was basically a vampire it never seemed necessary. It's not pictured here because I actually took these photos before I went and bought the hat - because I realized the necessity of it. While it's not a substitute for sunscreen, this does help to shade my face and eyes from the sun and offers a little bit more protection. Also, I find that I'm a lot less likely to get a headache if I've got something covering my head - but maybe that's just me?

So what else is in my bag that isn't pictured here? You know, the usual: A big, fluffy towel. A juicy summer read. My extra set of Apple earbuds. And my S'well bottle full of cold, cold water. With a well packed beach bag and good friends and family to spend the day with, what more could you need?

Thanks for reading and I hope you're having a fun and safe summer - whether you're heading to the beach or staying inside!

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