REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Live Clean Fresh Face Skin Care*

by - November 28, 2016

You guys know that I'm a huge fan of Live Clean products - I've mentioned a lot of them on this blog - but I hadn't actually gotten a chance to try out any of their skin care until recently. It had always been on the list, but I'd just never gotten around to it. Recently, I've finally had the chance to try out a few of the products from the Live Clean Fresh Face Skin Care* line and not only do I have a review for you guys, but I have a giveaway so that you can also have the chance to try out some Live Clean Skin Care!

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  • Live Clean Fresh Face™ is a luxurious and prestige collection of eco-friendly skin care promising exceptional performance with natural plant based ingredients and pure essential oils.Live Clean Fresh Face promises exceptional performance with a minimum of 98% plant-based ingredients. Infused with a combination of Orchid – the eternal youth flower, anti-oxidant Vitamin C and Certified Organic Botanicals 

These were described to me as being a bit of a break from transformative skin care, which I took to mean products that will soothe and nourish your skin without making large claims when it comes to the changes that they're going to make in your skin. I actually really love that they're up front about that - and I also think that everything has it's place. In my skin care routine, personally, transformative products are a huge part of it, but there are other steps that aren't transformative so much as just caring. Know what I mean?

Live Clean Fresh Face Refreshing Facial Wipes*
A refreshing and gentle facial wipe that cleanses to remove skin of impurities, excess oil and makeup. Alcohol and oil free, a mild formula infused with Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts to soothe and reveal skins natural glow. Perfect for travelling or when you need a quick refresher.

I like to use these at the end of the day to remove my makeup if I'm just going to be hanging around the house and it's too early to do my nighttime skin care routine. I find that these do a pretty good job of removing my makeup, though they don't really get in there and get off every trace of waterproof mascara. My favorite thing about these is that they are completely non-drying to my skin. With some wipes, I end up feeling tight and dry, but these just leave my skin feeling clean and soft.

Live Clean Fresh Face Foaming Daily Cleanser*
Gentle foaming cleanser cleans pores and removes skin of impurities, excess oil and makeup. A mild formula that reveals skins natural radiance. Orchid extract seals in moisture and replenishes skin’s moisture barrier, while antioxidant Vitamin C protects and boosts radiance.

Cleanser has definitely become a bit of my thing recently, so I was excited to try this. I think this does a really good job of really getting in there and cleansing the skin without leaving my skin feeling too dry or tight like some foam cleansers can. I like this as a morning cleanse followed by my typical skin care routine as I personally prefer a cleanser that's a little bit more hydrating at night. I think this would be a phenomenal cleanser for combination to oily skin because I find that it really helps to balance out my oils.

Live Clean Fresh Face Soothing Daily Moisturizer*
This light-weight, daily moisturizer quenches thirsty, dry skin and restores softness leaving a silky, smooth complexion. Orchid extract seals in moisture and replenishes skin’s moisture barrier, while antioxidant Vitamin C protects and boosts radiance.

This is definitely my favorite of the three products and I've been using it as my daytime moisturizer pretty much every day. I think it gives just the right amount of hydration for day time, keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day while working really well with sunscreen and makeup so that I look fresh rather than greasy. I also really like how quickly this sinks into the skin. I don't have a lot of time in the morning, so I like to have a moisturizer that I can rub into my skin without any waiting time for my next step. This also comes in a HUGE bottle, so you will get a lot of use out of this at a really fair price.

Want a chance to try out Live Clean Fresh Face for yourself? I've gotten the opportunity to giveaway a Live Clean Fresh Face Gift Pack that includes: 

  • 30 Count Fresh Face Refreshing Facial Wipes
  • 175ml Foaming Daily Cleanser
  • 150ml Soothing Daily Moisturizer
  • 4 Piece Fresh Face Travel Kit
The total retail value of this gift set is $55CAD!

Giveaway is open to Canadian Residents over the age of majority in their province or territory! Enter below!

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