GIFT GUIDE 2016: Stocking Stuffers!

by - December 02, 2016

Rather than choosing one gift for the people on my list, I'll always take the opportunity to put together a series of smaller gifts to amount to one big ol' stocking full of goodness. I think that the reason I like doing this so much is because I always see little things that would be perfect for the people closest to me, but have a really hard time choosing just one larger gift. I suspect this is one of those little hints that I have ADHD, but either way I think it's a really fun way to gift. So I decided that this year I wanted to put together some little sample stockings with ideas of what kinds of things I would want to fill a stocking with - with options for HIM, HER, & BEAUTY JUNKIES. A lot of these items could be gifts on their own,  because I stuck to small in size more than small in price on this one.... I also tried to choose only products that are available online, because I know that makes it easier for a lot of people.

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For me, I think a good stocking for a woman is one that gives her some little indulgences - whatever her personal taste for indulges are. I went with a little bit of delicious smelling body care in the L'Occitane Almond Delights Set, which includes the Shower Oil & the Milk Concentrate - both personal favorites of mine. 

Next, I really do think that no stocking is complete without at least one pair of socks, I so picked out these cute Socks In A Christmas Bauble from H&M in a penguin print. 

Next, I'm also a big fan of including some kind of candle in a stocking, so I went with this really gorgeous KATE SPADE NEW YORK Silver Dot Scented Candle, which I think is just gorgeous and a little bit luxurious.

One of my go to gifts last year was actually this Saje Wellness Shut Eye Herbal Eye Shade, which has a light scent and is cozy and comfortable anywhere from your bed to a long flight. 

I think fragrance is a great gift, but if you're not gifting someone with their signature scent, I think it's good to pick up something like this AERIN Travel Matchbook Gift Set so that you've got a better chance of her liking at least one of them! Doesn't hurt that AERIN fragrances are beautiful either.

Finally, I think a little bit of a snack is necessary in a stocking, so usually I like to include candies or treats that I know my loved ones like, but if you're not quite sure I think this little package of Drake General Store Maple Shortbread isn't a bad option. And, of course, tea gifts are a great idea as well and I think this DAVID'S TEA Garland Travel Pouch is a great little addition to almost any stocking.

Shopping for the men in my life is a bit of a killer for me - whether it's my boyfriend, my brothers, my dad, or the uncle whose name I drew for Secret Santa this year, getting guys gifts is a heck of a lot harder for me than the ladies in my life. But I think I managed to pick out some good masculine gifts for this here stocking!

First, I'd say this underwear is definitely a gift for a husband or boyfriend, and not so much a family member, but I think these SAXX Vibe Movember Boxers are kind of amazing and I'd happily throw them into a stocking for my significant other!

Next, I think this Mini Hemp Hand & Nail Gift Set from The Body Shop is a great gift for guys whose hands need a little bit of TLC, particularly in the colder months, because I think it's a pretty masculine set that doesn't have a frilly scent that would put a lot of guys off.

Back to the snacks, of course. I think this Drake General Store Mason Jar Granola is super cute, super modern, and actually probably a much healthier snack that a lot of what's being passed around during the holidays. Another option is, of course, to make your own granola in mason jar's - also a great gift and who doesn't love a DIY?

I had to include some candles in this one as well, because I actually know a lot of guys who really love to have candles burning and I think this Set of 3 Man Cave Scented Candles is a great gift idea for those guys.

Like I said above, in my opinion, every stocking needs to have some socks in it and I think this 3 Piece Set of Hudson Bay Socks are kind of great. They've got a little bit of personality, which I personally love in socks, and I think they're the type of pattern that a modern man could get away with wearing with just about anything.

Finally, I went with a one two punch of slightly hipster grooming gifts, because I feel like a lot of us have men in our lives for whom these two would be a great pairing. First, I chose the Rebel's Refinery Moisturizing Beard Oil, because I think any man with facial hair needs to get some beard oil in his life. (Even my boyfriend is going to find some under the tree this year!) Next, I think a little tube of MARVIS Cinnamint Toothpaste is a nice little treat - and Christmasy to boot. Not gonna lie, this is a selfish one... because I do love the taste of cinnamon on a kiss. 

Anyway, not a bad little stocking, huh? 

When it comes to stocking stuffers for the beauty junkies in our lives, I think that some of the best gifts are accessories and tools, which is what I mostly tried to focus on when choosing these gifts.

First, I think a great idea for any beauty lover's stocking s a sheet mask, and a great option is a higher end one that's a little bit more luxe, so I went for the Boscia Sake Brightening Hydrogel Mask. This is a great mask that actually shows results, and I personally think gel masks are a little bit more comfortable to wear, which makes it a twofer.

Next, I think a fantastic stocking stuffer is a good old beautyblender, which comes with a little solid cleanser. The great thing about this is that it's one of those more spendy tools that needs to be replaced when it gets worn out and dirty, so everyone will get use out of it even if they already have one. Know what I mean?

I think the Minimergency Kit For Her is a great stocking stuffer because it's just packed with pretty much everything a beauty lover could use tossed in their bag for on the go all packed into one little pouch that's easy to carry around. Also, "Literally Can't Even" is basically my brain when I need any of the things in that pouch, so it's fitting.

The cult tool of all cult tools, in my opinion, I would be pretty happy to open my stocking and find a Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. I mean... It is generally hailed as the lash curler to beat all lash curlers and any beauty junkie I know would get some serious use out of them.

I wanted to pick a brush set that I thought would work well in a stocking and I settled on the Real Techniques Your Picks Brush Set because it's limited edition favorite brushes from the RT line, which are great brushes in my opinion, and it's cute. What more do you need?

I had to pick a lipstick... And what better lipstick to choose than the BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Mistletoe? It's got a Christmassy name, it's a deep red that'll be really universally flattering and great for winter, and it's in one of the best lipstick formulas out there. Perfect!

Another great little stocking stuffer for the beauty junkie is the SEPHORA Solid Brush Cleaner. It's small, useful, and really, really good, so what more could you really ask for? Honestly, though, this is my favorite brush cleanser and I have a feeling I'll be tucking it into a few stockings myself.

One other suggestion I have, particularly if you're putting together a stocking-as-a-gift for a beauty junkie, is to pick out a cute little cosmetic bag, like the SEPHORA Collection Sparkle & Shine The Voyager Cosmetic Bag to package it all up in. It's a hell of a lot better than wrapping paper and it'll be a part of the gift that he or she will get a lot of use out of!

So there you have it, my picks for holiday stocking stuffers this year. Whether you're putting together a stocking as a supplementary gift, a main gift, or just including one or two of these in a Secret Santa, I think they're all great options. I also think that this is a great way to put together a stocking even if you choose different versions of what I chose based on your own taste or that of the person you're gifting!

Happy holidays!

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