REVIEW: PÜR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette

by - September 05, 2017

Are there ever products that you stumble upon in a store and just have to have, even though you've really never seen or heard anything about them? Generally, I like to look up swatches and read reviews of higher end beauty products before I pick them up - which is why I'm rarely first on the review train with big new releases - but as soon as I saw the PÜR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette, I had to have it and it went home with me that day. 

So, how did it work out? Keep reading for my review and swatches!


Now you can turn everyday and night into a soiree with this super versatile 12-piece eye shadow collection. Filled with highly pigmented and silky smooth shadows, the four versatile matte shades, four satin shades and four shimmers work flawlessly together for all skin tones. Super blendable and anything but basic, this essential palette takes the guesswork out of your eye look. Just use the colors in the vertical rows from top to bottom for highlight, definition and drama.

For me, when it comes to choosing eyeshadow palettes lately, it really is all about the curation of the shades. There are a LOT of palettes on the market, particularly neutral palettes, so for me it's all about choosing a palette that has the kinds of tones that I know I will personally get a lot of use and versatility out of. I think the curation on this palette is really right up my alley. Not only does it have very well chosen mattes that can really round out a complete look, but the metallic shades also give a good bit of variety while staying quite wearable. 

I feel like you can look at this palette two ways. The first is the obvious, to look at each row in terms of what it represents. The top row is your lighter highlight and transition shades, the middle row is your midtoned and deeper matte crease shades, and the bottom row is your metallic lid shades. However, when I've really looked at it, I also feel like the columns could act as trios since they represent a tonal cohesiveness that makes it easy to put together eye looks that make sense. 

My favorite shades in this palette are fairly easily chosen, I'll admit. Private Party is the cooler of the two matte cream highlight shades and works really well on my skin tone. Gala is a really easy transition shade for me because it blends into my skin really well, but has a little more depth than Socialite, which means it takes a little bit less building. Stunner is... aptly named. It's a gorgeous crease shade that works perfectly for the warm looks that everyone is obsessed with recently without being too strongly orange. And finally, Twinkle and Dazzle are really punchy, but still wearable lid shades that I've found myself reaching for often. 

As you can see in the swatches, the lighter tones do struggle to show up on my skin tone, but that isn't for lack of pigmentation. In fact, I'm overwhelmingly impressed with the pigmentation in this palette. Every day really packs strong pigmentation and shows up on my skin without having to build it up too much. I find that the metallic shades do have more intensity when applied wet, but they still give a lot of impact even applied dry and without primer. 

The texture of this shadows is actually what really got me to pick this up, no questions asked. They have a creamy, smooth texture with enough density to really cling to the skin, but enough softness to blend quite easily on the eyes. Though this does claim that there are four matte shades and four satin shades, the satin finish is quite subtle and initially I honestly thought it was 8 mattes and 4 metallics. The thing about these mattes is that they're not chalky. They have that creaminess to them, which I absolutely love and think both looks and performs better than traditional drier matte formulas. If I was going to compare these shadows to another formula, I'd say it's quite similar to the Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows. 

Overall, I'm obviously really thrilled with this palette. I think it's pretty perfect for my own personal tastes, it was fairly affordable, and the formula is pretty solidly on point. What more can you need? OH. RIGHT. Gorgeous white marble and rose gold packaging and a mirror in the palette? It has that too! Swoon!

The PÜR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette is available now at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique locations here in Canada and retails for $42CAD.

Thanks for reading!

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