GIFT IDEA: Saje Wellness Aroma Cloud Ultrasonic Diffuser

by - November 17, 2017

Normally, as the holidays approach, I do a kind of round up gift guide of things that just generally look cool. This year, I wanted to do something a little different and feature some things that I really think are solidly good gift ideas that are maybe outside of the beauty realm, or not of the new and limited edition variety. As I was sitting on my bed thinking about what to include, I glanced over to my nightstand and realized that I've never featured what was probably one of my favorite and most used Christmas gifts ever - the Saje Wellness Aroma Cloud Ultrasonic Diffuser

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A couple of years ago, I told my boyfriend that I really wanted a Saje Diffuser for Christmas - it was actually literally the only thing I asked for. He went down to the Saje store and someone helped him to pick out the Aroma Cloud. He chose it because it will run up to 8 hours and has a really beautiful ambient lighting strip that gives it a little something special. I have to say... he really did choose the right one for me and it's been living on my nightstand ever since and gets a lot of use, especially in the colder months or when I'm struggling with anxiety and sleeplessness. 

Basically the way that you use this is to add 100ml of water up to the fill line of the tank, drop in a few drops of essential oils, and then press the back half of the unit to turn it on. One press will activate the cold steam and the light strip, which changes colours in a slow, smooth rainbow, and if you want to turn the light off you just have to press the back end again. Easy as pie and I can verify that this has easily run for the promised 8 hours before it turns off once the water is gone. 

Along with my diffuser, my boyfriend also picked me up a bottle of the Yoga Grounding Diffuser Blend, which is my favorite. It's a blend of patchouli, orange and neroli that has just the most peaceful, zen feeling to it. I also have a bottle of the Citrus Dream Refreshing Diffuser Blend, which is a blend of grapefruit, neroli and lemon and is really great for use during the day - particularly in the morning, because it's a little bit invigorating but still pretty peaceful. I definitely recommend picking up an oil blend if you're going to gift one of these - there are a lot to choose from. 

Honestly, if you have someone on your shopping list that you think would like a diffuser, I really think that the Saje Wellness ones can't be beat. They have a lifetime warranty, they're really easy to clean, and after two years mine is still working absolutely beautifully. They start at around $60CAD and go up in price based on what features you want. Personally, I've got my eye on the new Aromatime Diffuser, which is spendy at $185CAD, but has two tanks, a clock, and a timer that you can set so that you can wake up to fragrant loveliness every morning. Swoon!

If you're interested in picking up the Saje Wellness Aroma Cloud Ultrasonic Diffuser, it's available in store and on the Saje website and retails for $69.95CAD. 

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