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When I sat down to put together my November Favorites, I found that I was really struggling to actually choose a selection of favorites from last month. In fact, I almost just skipped Favorites all together. But then I decided that I might as well just make a post of Current Favorites that features all of the stuff I'm currently obsessed with. I didn't keep this just to beauty and I'll admit that it's a little bit makeup light at the moment, but I'm pretty in love with everything in this post. Let me know if you enjoy this type of post and maybe I'll replace monthly favorites with a current favorites!

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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color
Last week I saw a display of the newly repackaged Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polishes - including 8 new shades. For me, the créme shades from this line are the best you can find in the drugstore for stamping and I was SUPER excited to see that they had added a white to the line. I believe they used to have one but discontinued it. To see how this white shows up stamped over a deep polish, check out my Instagram - it's pretty great. I decided to pick up this nude shade as well and, honestly, have every intention of picking up several more pretty soon! So good.

Colourpop Semi-Precious Eyeshadow Palette
I actually ordered 3 palettes from Sephora over the past month, two of them from higher end brands and the third from Colourpop. Of the three, this one is absolutely my favorite and I've been reaching for it constantly. My favorite shade is Celestial, which is the peachy champagne shade in the top left corner of the palette, because it's a shade I can reach for literally everything day for a really glowy lid, but I've actually done looks with almost every shade in this palette and the formula is just overwhelmingly impressive. Highly recommend. {Read Full Review + Swatches Here}

Everything Hydrating
Winter weather came in fast - particularly the last few days - and I've definitely found myself having to be a little more careful than usual about staying hydrated. These three products are absolute must have's for me.

Rocky Mountain Soap Dry Skin Butter*
This has been an absolute dry skin savior for me and I've almost gone through it. I've been using it on my feet and it's been incredible, but Rocky Mountain Soap actually has a specific Foot Butter that I'm planning on picking up next. Still, I highly recommend this and think it has absolutely worked wonders for me. {Read Full Review Here}

AMOREPACIFIC Green Tea Seed Treatment Oil*
When it comes to luxury skin care, it takes a lot to impress me, but this oil is an absolute mind blower. When I use this, my skin looks incredible. Period. I don't think I've ever used a product that gives me the good skin days that this does. It's hard to explain because the difference is almost subtle, but just the whole overall look of my skin improves visibly when I use this. Love it.

BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask
This is another one of those obsessions that I tend to forget about in the warmer months, but find myself scrambling to find in my collection as soon as it gets cold. My lips have been struggling with the cold weather, but as soon as I pulled this out again they improved. When I put this on before bed, I wake up the next morning still feeling like I'm wearing lip balm and it really just seems like the skin is healed and hydrated. Can I say I love things too many times in this post? I LOVE IT.

Everything Cozy

DAVIDsTEA Santa's Secret Egg Nog Lattes
A couple of years ago, DAVIDsTEA was making egg nog lattes in store and I decided to try one with Santa's Secret and it was instant obsession. I decided to pick up some Santa's Secret and some egg nog and make them at home this year - and it's basically taken over my evenings lately. It's just so rich and delicious and feels like Christmas to me.

Cute Mug From Walmart
I just happened to see this mug at Walmart maybe a month ago and I thought it was cheeky and because I just love mugs I decided to pick it up. While I like the cheekiness of it, I actually really, really love the size for my egg nog lattes because I can make a nice big one in this mug. I swear, I could do a cute mug collection post.... that's how much I love mugs.

Saje Wellness Eye Mask
This time of year is so busy that I've been finding myself kind of exhausted, but struggle to turn my brain off at bedtime, so the Saje Wellness mask has been a bit of a lifesaver. It's so soft against my skin and has a light scent of Lavender to it that just helps lull me to sleep. Also, fantastic for naps. Which I love. Add naps to my list of forever favorites - they're not for everyone, but I love them.

Live Clean Holiday Hand Soaps*
How many times am I going to talk about the Live Clean holiday hand soaps? All of the times. I love these soaps all year and they're constantly in both my bathroom and my kitchen all year, but when the holiday season comes around and I can get my hands on Vanilla Peppermint I basically go mad with power. I love it that much. The Holly Berry one is really, really pretty too... but literally nothing beats Vanilla Peppermint for me. 

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So there you have it. I thought about including some entertainment type things in this post, but I actually think I might put together a What I'm Watching & Listening To Right Now post coming up soon - because I've definitely got some current favorite TV Shows and Podcasts that I'd like to share!

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