REVIEW: Huna Apothecary Skin Care

by - December 15, 2017

Hey guys! You may remember a while back I reviewed the Huna Apothecary Revitalizing Age-Grace Face Serum*. Recently, after the company completely revamped their packaging and branding - with gorgeous results, I might add, I got the chance to try out a few more products from their line. When it comes to supporting small, local business, I really do think it's important for both the community and for the local economy. Also, as much as I love products from big brands, there's definitely something to be said for the care that goes into products made by smaller, independent brands.

To check out what I tried from Huna Apothecary and see what I thought of the products, keep reading!

Can we just take a moment and love on the new packaging? I really, really love the simplicity of the logo and the frosted glass that gives it a much more luxe feeling than standard dropper bottles. Honestly, as soon as I saw the new packaging on Instagram, I oohed and ahhed a little bit.

HUNA Apothecary Nourishing Lip Shine*
This is a weird place to start with a lip balm review, I'll admit, but the packaging on this is REALLY nice. Instead of a kind of flimsy hard plastic, this is a really nice, sturdy tube that I 100% feel good about tossing in my purse. It's hard to explain without being able to put it in your hands, but there's a thickness and density to this packaging that is just amazing. For me, this is what I tend to think of as a daytime lip balm. It's thin and lightweight, so it's more comfortable and easy to wear than something heavier that might pack more hydration, and it gives some shine to the lips so that they look a little bit more healthy and juicy. I've actually been using this a lot when I'm just hanging out around the house, since it gets so dry in there with the heat on and I consistently need a little lip boost. Overall, good lip balm, amazing packaging.

HUNA Apothecary Firming Eye Cream*
Again, gorgeous packaging - although I do find the pump can be a little bit spurty if I'm not careful. That said, I love that this pumps out the exact amount of eye cream that I need for both eyes. Also, I just really, really love this eye cream. It's got a really lightweight texture, so I never feel like I'm going to overwhelm the delicate skin around my eyes, but it definitely packs a good amount of hydration. While I've been testing this, I've been using it day and night as a part of my regular skin care routine and I've definitely noticed an overall improvement not only in the look and feel of the skin around my eyes, but also in the way that makeup applies and lasts in this areas. Of the three products, this one is definitely my favorite!

HUNA Apothecary Skin Nutrition Balm*
Finally, this baby right here is one that I was a little unsure how to use at first - but it turns out you can basically use it for all of the things. This is actually a really perfect winter product because it can be used to nourish and protect dry areas of the skin. If you've been a reader of the blog, you know exactly where I tested this. For me, these kinds of products are best tested on my feet and this one did a really good job. The way that I would use it is to sort of drag the back of my nail over the surface of the product (you could also you a tiny spatula) to pick up some of the product, and then really work it into the dry spots where I needed it with my fingers. Because it melts down to a slippery oil texture, this is perfect for really massaging into the skin. Since I mostly tested this on my feet, I would finish with a pair of socks to lock in the moisture and it worked really well to help smooth and hydrate that skin. I also used this on my cuticles as an overnight treatment and it worked quite well for that also.

Honestly, overall I'm really, really impressed with what HUNA has been doing with their new product releases. Not only is the packaging really luxe and high end feeling, but the products are really well formulated and effective. While I don't think the Lip Shine is going to replace my personal favorite lip balms, I'm absolutely in love with the Firming Eye Cream and would highly recommend it and will definitely keep using the Skin Nutrition Balm to help me battle the evil winter skin.

Honestly, you guys, I really think this is a great brand that uses high quality ingredients - some of which they grow themselves right here in Manitoba - and I love that this is an independent brand started by someone who couldn't find what she was looking for in the market and decided to do it herself. I love that sort of spirit and I strongly believe in supporting it.

Head over to the HUNA Apothecary website to check out more of their products and order online!

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