REVIEW: Physicians Formula The Healthy Lip Velvet Finish Lip Color

by - April 12, 2018

Admittedly, I haven't been reaching for matte liquid lipsticks as much as I used to - which I suspect is true for a lot of people - so I didn't initially pick up any of the new Physicians Formula The Healthy Lip Velvet Finish Lip Color. What changed my mind was hearing some really incredible things about the formula and reminding myself just how good the drugstore has been with liquid lipstick releases in the past year or so. Also, with summer coming up, I knew that I would be reaching for these types of formulas more as the climate allows me to be a little less careful with keeping my lips hydrated. I know that you didn't need my whole thought process, but I figured I would clue you in anyway.

Keep reading for a look at the three shades I chose and my review!

What It Is: Long-wearing, decadent mousse-like texture lipstick delivers high-impact color that glides on for seamless one-stroke color payoff.
Why It’s Good for You: The light-weight, cream formula features beauty miracle-worker, avocado oil that hydrates and moisturizes, while hyaluronic acid smooths and enhances lips overtime for a healthy beautiful pout.
Key Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Vitamins A & E, Hyaluronic Acid, Anti-Aging Peptides.

When trying out a new lip formula, I tend to stick pretty close to the same pattern. I choose a nude, a rose, and a deeper berry or red so that I can really get a feel for a range from the line. Nudes can be a little bit tricky for me, so I was a little unsure about All Natural Nude until I checked swatches online and felt pretty good about picking it up. Dose of Rose was basically a given, since this mauve pink is the type of shade I really tend to reach for the most - especially in the spring and summer months. And Red-Storative Effects is a really classic red that I felt almost certain would be universally flattering - and who doesn't love a bold red lip that will stay in place all day?

I have to say Physicians Formula killed it on the packaging of this product. The clear plastic tube feels really sturdy and high quality and I think that the square shape and the silver lid gives it the look and feel of something more expensive. I also like the way they did the branding, which is really simple and sleek and goes along really well with the overall look. My favorite thing about the design, though, is the applicator, which is the type that is basically a folded over tube that has a pointed tip and a well in the middle that holds more product. This is definitely my favorite type of applicator because it holds more product than a doe foot so that I don't have to keep dipping into the product and the pointed tip gives really good precision.

All Natural Nude
For my skin tone, this is honestly the perfect nude. It's more of a beigey pink nude than some of the more white based, peachy nude shades that look absolutely awful on me. I like to think of this type of shade as a no brainer because I can so easily wear it with most of the looks I do either for day to day or for a night out. Of the three shades I bought, this will easily be the one that I'll reach for most.

Dose Of Rose
This is actually the first shade I picked up from this line, which I usually do to try out a formula before I decide to really give the line a more full review. In the store lighting, this definitely looked like a more neutral mauve, but in actuality it's more of a cool, midtoned berry shade - and I LOVE it. It's not really my usual thing, since I tend to keep things a little more neutral and subtle, but I feel like this is an absolutely perfect shade for spring.

Red-Storative Effects
I've always leaned more towards blue-based red shades, but in the past year I've definitely been going for warmer lip colours so I'm not really surprised that I went for the much warmer red shade in this collection. And, guys, it's gorgeous. Warm red can be a little bit tricky to pull off for some skin tones and I've definitely tried some warm reds that have been tricky for my skin tone, but this one really works for me and I love the way it looks. Definitely a great summer and fall red.

The formula of The Healthy Lip is a really solid one. Like the claim, they're quite moussey in consistently but apply in a really smooth layer. The dry time is maybe a minute or two and once it sets it does shift to a matte finish but I wouldn't say it's entirely transfer proof. I still see a little bit of transfer onto my coffee cup while I'm drinking, but it's minimal and you really do have to press your lips to something to get it to move. During wear, this does maintain a really comfortable feel on the lips that doesn't feel overly dry or at all uncomfortable.

Wear time is really solid on these. I'd say that I personally probably get about 5-6 hours in these without needing a touch up, which for me is pretty good but doesn't live up to the bulletproof wear time of certain other drugstore liquid lipsticks. One thing that I think really differentiates between those longer wearing ones and this one is the removal, which is a lot easier with this formula than those others. When it comes to reapplication, I find that with the nude and the mauve you can apply over what you already have on and it looks great, but with the red I would recommend removing it with a makeup wipe and starting from clean lips for the most polished look.

As you can see, these lipsticks really have good pigmentation and live up to their claim of being one swipe lip products. I personally find that one dip gives me plenty of product to cover my lips. When it comes to the deeper shades, I would personally recommend applying carefully in one layer because if you do have spots that are applied in a thicker layer you can see a little bit of variation in the depth of the shade. When it comes to the nude, though, it's basically a no-brainer application that gives a good look every time.

Overall, I have to say I'm really solidly impressed with this line and would recommend it. I think the shade selection is really pretty and the formula was quite consistent across the three shades that I tested. The wear time is good and it does remove quite easily, which is something that I always like to test as well. Also, just onto the superficial, the packaging and branding is gorgeous and it smells absolutely delicious. If this lip product sounds like something you might be interested in, I'd definitely take a look at it!

The Physicians Formula The Healthy Lip Velvet Finish Lip Color line is available in 13 shades and is available now at mass market retailers across Canada and the US!

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