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by - May 11, 2018

Obviously sleep is really important for a lot of things to do with health and beauty, that much is a given, but I don't necessarily think we give it as much credit as it probably deserves. I don't think I have the worst sleeping habits, but they could be better, and I've always known that my anxiety does have a negative effect on my sleep and have been looking for things to help. Recently, I've been trying out a couple of what I call "bedtime beauty" products from thisworks. and I'm pretty excited to share them with you guys!

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Promising 24 hour skin solutions, thisworks has a wide selection of products to be used at different times of day, but one of their most visible is definitely their pillow sprays. Before I got my hands on these two products to try out, I was really aware of the thisworks deep sleep pillow spray*, having seen it many times on social media because it is so endlessly Instagrammable, but I hadn't ever really heard of the thisworks no wrinkles midnight moisture*, and as soon as I read about it, it sounded right up my alley. I have to say, I was pretty overwhelmingly excited to try out both products.

2.5oz | $34CAD | Get a great night's sleep with our best-selling deep sleep pillow spray. Clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and wake feeling more refreshed.

I've actually been relying on lavender for quite some time now on nights that I can't sleep, but I've always wanted to try this because not only have I heard good things but I also knew that the ease of spritzing this on my pillow would make me a lot more likely to use it. I have to say, I've completely fallen in love with this product and I basically don't go to sleep without it anymore. The scent isn't overwhelming or flowery as I worried it could be and I find that when I lay my head down on the pillow I end up just sort of sinking into the scent as though I'm sinking deeper into the pillow. Even on nights when I am struggling with anxiety and a brain that won't seem to turn off, this spray seriously helps to calm my mind and body and get me to sleep faster. I can't really speak to it increasing the quality of my sleep because once I get to sleep, I'm actually a really good sleeper, but I have noticed that when I use this I do get up feeling more refreshed and ready to attack my day. 

I literally have nothing bad to say about this product, but I actually do have one tip for someone trying it for the first time. I like to hold this about 18-24" from the pillow when I spray it for a couple of reasons. The first is because it can feel a little bit damp if you spray it too close to the pillow and you're going to want to wait a few minutes before laying down if you do that. The second is that it gives a really fine mist across the pillow and makes the scent a little bit lighter and I find it a little bit more long lasting. 

Seriously, you guys, if you're struggling with getting to or staying asleep or if anxiety is effecting your sleep quality, I highly recommend trying this out.

thisworks. no wrinkles midnight moisture*
1.62oz | $84CAD | Working hard as you sleep, this intensely hydrating natural moisturiser accelerates the skin’s repair mechanisms and sets your skin’s night-time detox in motion. Discover a powerful Superblend of Persian Silk Tree extract to support detoxification, anti-ageing Retinol to boost collagen production and cell renewal, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and plump the skin, and enriching Shea Butter, Jojoba and Evening Primrose Oil.

For me, night time is when I do my most intense skin care, so this rich, luscious cream was very welcome into that routine. I personally prefer a really lightweight moisturizer during the day (if I even apply a traditional moisturizer) and something richer at night. This cream definitely hits that rich mark and I find that it works best if I just sort of drag my finger over the top a couple of times for a light layer across my skin. Once applied, as long as you use a light hand, it does sink into the skin fairly well and I don't feel like it leaves my skin sticky or feeling overwhelmed when I go to sleep - always an important thing for me. I do tend to think of this as more of an overnight mask or treatment than just a night cream, because it does have those active ingredients in it, so I don't actually use this every night and for me it's more of a 3-4 times a week type of product.

The initial results of this product are really, really lovely. After using it, I wake up with skin that feels really hydrated and looks healthy and plump. With continued use, I've definitely seen some real results in the resiliency and overall appearance of my skin. Overall, I have to say that I'm really, really happy with this product and already looking forward to it being a part of my skin care routine when the weather gets colder because I know that my drier skin is going to love it. 

Overall, my initial impression of thisworks as a brand is really positive. As much as I'm a skin care junkie and I really and truly enjoy the no wrinkles midnight moisture*, I have to say that the deep sleep pillow spray* is the real game changer for me here. For anyone who's struggling with getting to or staying asleep and getting the full night's restful sleep that we not only need for beauty, but also for overall health, I think it's definitely worth taking a look at. Personally, I'm really excited at the prospect of trying more products from thisworks and really digging into their idea of 24 hour skin solutions!

A selection of thisworks products, mostly for bedtime beauty, are available in Canada at Sephora!

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