REVIEW: Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask

by - May 29, 2018

Back when I first started getting into Korean Beauty (right around the time I fell in love with Korean Dramas, Pop Music, and Food) one of the products that I was immediately dying to try was the Laniege Water Sleeping Mask - a downright cult product with rave reviews. I pretty much fell in love with it as soon as I tried it and I still keep a jar of it next to my bed for those nights when my skin needs a little bit of extra hydrating TLC and more recently I've also really been enjoying the Lip Sleeping Mask. Is it any surprise that I was really, really excited when the Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask* arrived in the mail for my to try out?

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A real eye-opener, this first-ever leave-on eye mask deeply hydrates through the night, while de-puffing and soothing fatigued eyes with a cooling ceramic massage tool for a vitalized appearance. Eye moisture wrap technology helps to soothe and maintain deep hydration while you sleep. Relieve puffy morning eyes with caffeine and wake up an eye-catching, overnight sensation.

At a glance, I assumed that the applicator for the product, which is attached to the cap, was a dropper style, but I was surprised and intrigued to find that it's actually a ceramic ball that's intended to be used to really massage the product into the skin around the eyes gently. Because the ball stays quite cool and the product has a nice slip to it, using this application technique is both really soothing as well as being effective and helping the product to sink in. I can honestly just sit there for 5-10 minutes and lightly roll this back and forth around my orbital bone.

The texture of this product is initially quite a thin gel, but I find that as it dries it gets a slight bit more tacky and really sticks to and sinks into the skin. I feel like the sticking to the skin part is really important since this is an overnight mask, not only because I don't want it to make a mess but also because I want there to be a layer that sits on the skin because I feel like it gives me the best skin care benefits that way - which, I admit, could have more to do with my feelings than facts. Still, in the morning after using this when I wash my face, I can definitely feel that I'm washing that thin layer of product away.

I have to say, I've definitely see this working for me, particularly on nights when I've gone to bed too late, eaten too much salty food, or am just feeling run down. Those are really the times when my eyes need a little bit of TLC and I really find that this does a good job of taking down puffiness and just making my eye area look more awake and healthy. I haven't noticed this doing anything for dark circles, but it doesn't claim to and, to be quite honest, I don't think any topical product is really going to help with that.

I really think this is a fantastic addition to an already great line of overnight skin care products from Laneige. If you're as yet unfamiliar with their products, I definitely recommend checking out the Laneige sleeping masks. The Water Sleeping Mask* gives serious hydration without relying on a heavy texture and always leaves my skin looking plump and healthy in the morning and the Lip Sleeping Mask is great both as an overnight treatment and just as an around the house lip balm.

Overall, I really do think that this is a product that holds up to its claims - and it helps that it really doesn't make any outlandish ones. I love the cooling, soothing sensation that the ceramic applicator gives and the lightweight texture paired with the deep hydration is exactly what I'm personally looking for in this type of product.

The Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask* is available in Canada at Sephora in store and online and the 25ml size (huge for an eye product!) retails for $44CAD.

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