MANI MONDAY: Classic Plaid Nail Art

by - September 10, 2018

Hey guys! This week's Mani Monday is actually a nail art look that I've done a couple of times in the past - and I think I may have even featured it on the blog in one of my earlier Mani Monday posts. However, it was one that I just really, really wanted to do again this week and since I didn't have a theme (or a lot of time, admittedly, to sit down and do my nails) I just went for it. Plaid nails, in my opinion, are just classic and literally every time I do them I end up getting compliments. No joke, every single time I've done them I've had strangers compliment them and ask me who did them. 

For a closer look and to see how I got this mani, keep reading!

The reason that I love this nail art so much is a really because it ticks several boxes. The first is that it's really, really easy if you're someone who enjoys stamping. I can sit down and put together this mani really quickly if I'm pressed for time and I never worry that it isn't going to turn out. The next is that it's really versatile and impactful. You could literally reach for any combination of colours that you think you'd like together and put together this look for a different mani every time that will  never fail to impress. Finally, I just like the vibe of plaid nails, honestly. It always feels cozy and cool at the same time to me. 

To get this look, I started with essie Gel Couture in Once Upon a Time - which is a beautiful smoky grey/blue shade that performs really, really beautifully. Next, I went in with this stamping plate, which is an absolute favorite of mine. I started with the circled image on the right and stamped it using BornPrettyStore Stamping Polish in White. Next, I immediately went in with the more delicate image on circled on the left and stamped it over top using BornPrettyStore Stamping Polish in Black. If you're going to do this mani or one similar to it with layered stamping, I highly recommend using a clear stamper. For this particular mani, I used the essence Stamp It Clear Stamper and I really like how it picked up and kept the lines quite straight. I've struggled to get straight lines when picking up doing this look in the past, so I recommend a stamper that isn't too squishy. 

I have a feeling that I'll be pulling out some more plaid nail art over the coming months. There's something that I just love about the vibe of plaid for the cooler months - and I feel like I could get some really pretty tartan looks for the holidays with red, green and gold - and it's such a quick, easy mani with really high impact that it's a great go to.

Do you have a go to nail art look that you just keep coming back to?

Thanks for reading!

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