HOLIDAY 2018: Egg Nog Black Tea Latte Recipe

by - November 20, 2018

If there is one thing I haven't been this least bit subtle about recently, both on social media and just walking around through my life, it's that I'm really, really excited to see egg nog in the grocery store because it means that I can make my beloved egg nog tea lattes again. Obviously, a lot of coffee shops are offering egg nog lattes at this time of year, but personally I'm not such a huge fan of egg nog and espresso together. I'd much rather choose other holiday coffee drinks and enjoy my egg nog tea lattes at home... and I feel like I've perfected it a little bit this year.

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Now, what I have pictured here are the ingredients for my personal perfect egg nog latte, but you can definitely customize it. I use full fat egg nog because this is a bit of an indulgence and I like the rich texture of the standard egg nog more than the low fat option in this instance, but if you'd prefer to cut the fat you could go that way as well.You could also make your own homemade egg nog, which isn't something I've tried out myself yet. I also go for the Club House Apple Pie Spice Blend to sprinkle over my latte because I like the warmth of the spices included, but before I discovered this I just sprinkled straight up cinnamon and it was really delicious as well.

When it comes to choosing your tea, it's really going to be about preference. I choose black tea because I feel like it holds up the best to the sweetness of the egg nog. My absolute favorite tea for this latte is DAVIDs TEA Santa's Secret, which I had a full tin of saved from last year. I'm not sure that this is going to be available again this year - I've been stalking all of my DAVIDs promotional emails and I haven't seen it yet... but I'm still hopeful?

If you are unable to get your hands on this tea, I would recommend going with a strongly brewed chai for this recipe because the spices in the chai work really well with the egg nog. If you're looking for a decaf option, there are some great decaf chai teas, and I also think the Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea works really well with this and is easy to get your hands on and bagged for convenience. Basically, just pick a rich, spicy tea for this and it should work well.

When I steep my tea, I actually usually use my Brewt tea infuser and make enough tea for a couple, but for the purpose of this I decided to use a tea bag and brew it in the mug. Basically, you're going to want to fill your cup about half way and brew a really strong cup of tea. I actually like to steep my tea extra long to really get as much flavour into it as possible because the egg nog is so rich that I feel like you need a really strong flavour to really get the most out of this latte.

When I make tea lattes, I use the milk frother pictured here, which I just toss in the microwave for about a minute to warm the egg nog. If you're a little bit more patient (read: less lazy) than me or don't have access to this type of milk frother, you could also warm the egg nog on the stove stop and use a handheld frother or a whisk to get some foam going. I usually steep the tea for a few minutes before I start warming the egg nog to add to it. For an extra huge mug - which is my preferred way to drink an egg nog latte... or a coffee... or a regular cup of tea.... - I usually use about ¾ of a cup of egg nog and give it a good, strong frothing to get a solid layer of foam.

Assembling the latte is pretty much a no brainer. Remove your tea bag or dispense about a half a mug of tea from your infuser and then pour the egg nog on top, using a spoon to hold off the foam until the end so you get a nice rich head on your latte. Next, use a little bit of your Apple Pie Spice (or cinnamon or nutmeg) to sprinkle the top of your latte. Sometimes I'll stir in the spice, but other times I just leave it on top of the foam so that I can get a really strong scent from it. 

Voila - a delicious egg nog tea latte! Easy, right?

I know this is a little something different for the blog, so I'd love to hear in the comments if you'd be interested in seeing more food related content. I love the idea of changing things up a little bit here on the blog, so let me know!

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