REVIEW: TeenCrush Wassup Problem Glow Cushion

by - November 27, 2018

Recently, I've been trying out some products from new KBeauty brand TeenCrush and I have to say, I'm generally really impressed with the overall quality and performance of the products. That said, there is a winner above all of the others for me - and I don't think I actually thought this would be the one. The TeenCrush Wassup Problem Glow Cushion* is a traditional cushion type foundation/BB cream and I was expecting it to perform much like other cushions that I've tried... but it definitely stands apart, at least from where I'm standing. 

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Like I said in my last post, I don't necessarily think I'm the target market for the TeenCrush products - mostly because it's been a looooooooooooong time since I was a teen, but I actually find that I like the adorable packaging and the products, particularly the complexion products, seem to be working out really well for my skin. I feel like this product specifically really bumps up the cuteness with embossed hearts on the cushion. And yes, I am a grown woman who absolutely finds that adorable. 

With this foundation cushion, even porcelain-smooth skin is achievable! Formulated with niacinamide, adenosine and peach extract, the cushion compact boasts a buildable full coverage that blurs imperfections with moisturizing benefits, leaving skin with a supple and hydrated glow.

Like I do with any cushion foundation product, I skip the included sponge and reach for a blending sponge with a flat top like the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge because I personally feel like it makes the application process that much easier and quicker. That said, I do hold onto the included sponge for on the go touch ups. Aside from the cuteness of the packaging and the hearts, this generally does feel like a traditional cushion foundation. The cushion itself is quite soft and very saturated with product, making it easier to actually get the product from the compact to your face. 

The thing that impresses me every time I apply this is how easily it applies and covers what I need it to cover. My skin issues, as you can see, are uneven tone and texture with some redness around the nose and discoloration from (I suspect) sun damage as well as occasional breakouts. Upon application, I find that I get a really solid medium coverage but once fully applied and blended this really does look like skin - healthy skin! I was worried about the inclusion of the word "Glow" in the name of this product, because I don't personally like a dewy finish on my skin, but I needn't have worried because this is more of a natural, healthy luminosity to the skin rather than shine. 

(Note: In AFTER picture, I am wearing undereye concealer.)

Another impressive thing for me about this product is the wear time. While most other cushions that I've tried do wear down throughout the day (and some completely disappear) I find that my skin still looks great at the end of a long day wearing this. I do use a translucent setting powder at the end of my foundation routine with all of my foundations, so I really do think that this is the product itself that sets and stays. It also maintains that natural finish throughout the day and doesn't get greasy or break up on me. Honestly, I could rave all day about how this wears on me.

I very sincerely didn't think that I was going to be anywhere near as impressed with this as I was, but it went absolutely above and beyond my expectations. I love the coverage, the natural finish and the solid wear time with this product and will absolutely keep using it and likely repurchase it. I would recommend this if you have a dry to normal skin type and are looking for something with a solid medium coverage that will wear well throughout the day. I'm not sure how this would perform on oily skin, which is why I hesitate to recommend it for that, but because it doesn't have a ton of shine I think there is a possibility that it could work well for all skin types. 

The TeenCrush Wassup! Problem Glow Cushion* is available now!

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