12 NAILS OF CHRISTMAS: Cozy Pink & Brown Reindeer Nails

by - December 01, 2018

Hey guys! I've been super excited basically all year to get into Christmas nail art, so I decided to do 12 Nails Of Christmas over the month of December leading up to Christmas Eve! Though I don't think I get to the point of ridiculous, I absolutely love Christmas and like to find subtle ways to express that all through the holiday season. Now that I've gotten so into nail art, that seems like a pretty great thing to pair with my novelty Christmas sock collection to get into the season. For this first mani, I wanted to keep it sort of... Christmas-lite, so I went with the colour combination of mauvey-pink and deep brown with hints of gold, because I feel like this is the kind of pairing that I would personally really love on my Christmas tree. 

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I really, really wanted to use the reindeer image from the BornPrettyStore BPX-L008 stamping plate this holiday season and I was actually inspired by a mani featured on the BPS website. It was actually the reindeer image that inspired me to reach for the loooooong discontinued Sephora x OPI 212, which has a sheer black base that shows up on the nails as a deep bronzey brown because it's packed with multi-coloured glitters and flakies in the formula. With flakies on the mind, I knew that I had to pair 212 with one of my favorite polishes ever, Polished For Days Eudaimonia, which is a warm pink toned nude holographic base with bronze flakes, taupe flakes and copper/gold shifting green flakes. 

For the stamping, I used three different images from BornPrettyStore BPX-L008. Overtop of the brown, I opted to reach for the TiVoli Rose Gold Polish that I got from Dollar Tree in hopes of tying in the accent nail. For the first and pinkie nails, I used the more geometric snowflake image and made sure to center one of the larger snowflakes on each of the nails. For the middle finger, I went with the swirls and stars image because I liked the decorative vibe. And, of course, I applied the reindeer image on my accent nail using BornPrettyStore Black Stamping Polish since that was, after all, the whole point of this mani. I finished with a generous coat of Seche Vive Quick Dry Top Coat.

All Products Used:
Unt Ready For Take Off Peel Off Base Coat
Sephora x OPI - 212
Polished For Days - Eudaimonia
BornPrettyStore - Black Stamping Polish
TiVoli - Unnamed Rose Gold Polish
Seche Vive Quick Dry Top Coat
BornPrettyStore BPX-L008 Stamping Plate

Like I said, this isn't the most on-the-nose Christmas manicure that you'll see in my 12 Nails of Christmas, but I love the vibe of it and to me it really does feel like a mani that invokes the feeling of beautifully appointed Christmas Tree Decorations. 

Keep an eye out for more 12 Nails of Christmas posts every couple of days here on the blog - I really feel like I've got some good ones on the way!

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