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Hey guys! It's time for another adult toy review and it's one that I'm SUPER excited about. You might recall several months ago when I wrote about Amber Rose collabortating on the LELO x Amber Rose Toybox, but she also teamed up with them for the LELO TIANI Amber Rose Gold* and it's a beauty. With the holidays coming up and some people shopping for, perhaps, more adult gifts for their partner, this couples toy could be a great option for straight or lesbian couples looking to add a little spice with a luxury toy. 

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Created exclusively to celebrate the partnership between LELO and celebrity Amber Rose, this updated TIANI™ couples’ massager features a delicate ring of rose gold. Designed to be worn internally by women during intercourse, TIANI™ Amber Rose Gold’s powerful vibrations – remote controlled and featuring exclusive SenseMotion™ technology – enhance the sensations for both partners. The petite, smooth silicone form offers a more fulfilling feeling for her and more intensity for him, and it’s flexible enough to suit all body types and positions.

So like I said, this toy is intended for straight couples, to be used during penetration, but I actually do think that it's a solid option for solo use or for use by lesbian couples as well. The larger end stays outside of the body, providing clitoral stimulation while the narrower end goes inside for G-spot stimulation. It's quite soft and flexible, so I feel like it would really work well for a wide range of people without any worry of pinching or feeling uncomfortable. 

I found this vibrator to have moderate vibration and personally felt like for my tastes it could have done with a little bit more intensity, but I actually think that for the purpose it's intended this level of vibration is really good because it's not going to be overwhelming when combined with other stimulation.

This toy does come with a remote that connects wirelessly to the toy. Though I quite like the remote, including having it in the palm of my hand for variation in the vibrations during intercourse, I also quite like that there's a button on the vibrator itself that means you don't have to use the remote.  You can switch it on and cycle through right on the vibrator and leave the remote in the drawer. Sometimes I just like to keep it simple and other times I like to have options, so this is great for me. Though this may seem complicated if you've never used this type of toy before, I found it really easy to cycle through different patterns and to increase or decrease the intensity. 

It's quite small in size, but when used during penetration I did find that everything felt a little bit more tight or full than usual, which I suppose is unsurprising. Personally, I liked the sensation, but you might want to go slow. I also found that it slipped out a couple of times while we were using it until we found the right position and then it was pretty smooth sailing. It might take a little bit of experimentation, but once you get it in the right place, it's kind of divine. 

I personally think this is a great gift idea for a partner. There's nothing intimidating about it, in my opinion, so it can add a little bit of spice without being intimidating if you've never used sex toys with a partner. Me and my partner have really been enjoying it!

The LELO TIANI Amber Rose Gold* is available online at and retails for $209CAD.

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