MANI MONDAY: Graphic Holo New Years Eve Nails

by - December 31, 2018

Hey guys! Welcome back to your regularly scheduled Mani Monday now that the madness that was 12 Nails Of Christmas is over! For our #CBBxManiMonday theme this week, we obviously had to go with New Year's and I decided that this gave me some wiggle room on my creativity. After spending a month with some pretty intense, pretty specifically themed nails, I was really drawn to the idea of keeping it simple for this week and doing something a little bit glitzy (thank you, holo glitter base) with a strong, simple graphic feel.

For a closer look at this mani and to see how I got it, keep reading!

Choosing the base polish for this mani was the tricky part for me. I wanted it to have some real impact, but I didn't want it to be too dark and I really wanted to stay away from colours that reminded me of Christmas. I am really, really over Christmas nails at this point. After applying a coat of Unt Ready For Take Off Peel Off Base Coat, I went in with two coats of Pahlish Issun-Boshi, which is a sort of lavender shade with a strong holo and a little bit of shiftiness that can lean blue or peachy orange depending on the angle.

For the graphic details, I decided I wanted to use an almost black polish, so I actually reached for a really, really deep midnight blue from TiVoli that has a little bit of subtle shimmer in it. All of that being said, this does basically look like black on the nails both in the photos and in person, but this polish actually applied really easily, so I'm not mad at it. I used a size 20/0 artist liner brush to apply the product and just kind of randomly placed the blocks where I felt like they worked best. If you want to try something like this and you're like me - terrified and terrible at hand painting - my best tip is to rest your forearm on the table while you paint to get the most possible stability and go slowly to get a crisp line before filling it in carefully. It's actually really easy when done that way. 

I finished with two coats of CND Air Dry Fast Set Top Coat and voila!

All Products Used
Unt Ready For Take Off Peel Off Base Coat
Pahlish - Issun-Boshi
TiVoli - Unnamed Midnight Blue Polish
20/0 Artist Liner Brush
CND Air Dry Fast Set Top Coat

I feel like sometimes, especially after doing so much really bold and busy nail art, you just have to keep it simple. The reason that this mani really appeals to me for New Year's Eve is because it has that shine and glitz, but the design is also kind of sophisticated and I feel like that's a good place to ride for this particular occasion.

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I wish you all a safe and happy New Year's and the best for the coming 2019! 

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