REVIEW: BITE BEAUTY Agave Treat Trio Lip Mask Set

by - January 10, 2019

For years now, BITE has been releasing holiday sets in these little tins and pretty much every year I've picked one up. I love BITE formulas and I actually have a kind of ridiculous collection of mini-sized lip products from the brand. Because of that, I didn't actually figure that I'd pick up any of the holiday sets this year, but then they released the BITE Agave Treat Trio Mini Agave Lip Mask Set and there was pretty much no doubt that if it was still in stock after Christmas (since I put myself on a pre-holiday no-buy) I'd grab it. So I did! I wanted to write this review because this set is still available, so if it appeals to you I'd definitely grab it now!

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The BITE Agave Treat Trio contains, you guessed it, three 5g tubes of the BITE Agave Lip Mask in Natural, Maple, and the limited edition Candy Cane version. Being that a full sized Agave Lip Mask contains 15g of product, this three pack contains the same amount of product as the full size but with the added (in my opinion) value of having three different options.

The original BITE Agave Lip Mask definitely had a moment a few years ago when it was first released, with tons of people raving about it and calling it a holy grail. Since then, it hasn't gotten nearly as much attention - as things tend to do in the beauty community once they aren't new anymore - but I know it remains an absolute staple for a lot of people, myself included. It has a really rich, dense formula that I can put on at night and still have quite a bit of left when I wake up in the morning - which is really a savior for winter lips that tend to dry out while I sleep in a pretty dry house. 

BITE BEAUTY Agave Lip Mask - Natural
It would be easy to think of the original version of the Agave Lip Mask as the boring part of this set, but I'd have to respectfully disagree. This is a genuinely solid product that I've absolutely loved for ages now and continue to reach for both around the house or if I'm going to be outside in the cold when my lips really need protection from the elements. This provides both hydration and a barrier from enviromental elements that have been really drying for me. Bonus - even though it's the "boring" original, it smells and tastes kind of delicious.

BITE BEAUTY Agave Lip Mask - Candy Cane
I don't generally put minty things on my lips anymore, but this is officially the exception. While this does have a little bit of a tingle, which is unique from the other two in this set, it's quite subtle and more of a cool feeling than anything else. It's also smells delicious, pretty much just like a candy cane with that specific sweet mintiness, and it has a light minty sweet flavour as well. Formula wise, this is on par with the original and I've literally put this on before bed and woken up the next morning with it still on my lips. There is a slight tint to this one, a hint of rosiness, but on the lips I feel like it doesn't make them look tinted so much as just juicy and healthy. 

BITE BEAUTY Agave Lip Mask - Maple
Have you ever thought about slathering your lips in maple syrup? Because literally as I apply this the sensory experience of the smell and taste of maple makes it feel like that's exactly what I'm doing. And it's GLORIOUS, which must mean I really am Canadian. I feel like the formula of this one might be a little bit thinner than the other two, but it's still quite rich and clings nicely to the lips. There's a bit of a tint in this one as well, though I feel like it just ends up looking more like a lightly glowy gloss than an actual tint. Like Candy Cane, I feel like this makes your lips look really juicy and healthy. 

Because I absolutely loved the original Agave Lip Mask, I didn't have much doubt that I was going to enjoy this set, so it's no surprise that I love it. I love how different, but enjoyable all three of the different varieties are and I feel like they all do a really good job of protecting and hydrating my lips during these winter months.

Also, I know I talk about value a lot when it comes to sets like this, but I think it's important and I feel like this is really a steal. You're getting the equivalent of a full size product for 30% less than regular price, along with the added value of variety. 

If you are interested in the BITE BEAUTY Agave Treat Trio Mini Agave Lip Mask Set, it's still available online from Sephora for $20CAD ($18US) and I highly, highly recommend it!

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