REVIEW: COVERGIRL TruBlend Undercover Concealer

by - June 14, 2019

Hello, my name is Trysh and I have a concealer problem. Seriously, you guys, I sometimes feel like I just have to try every single new concealer that's released in the drugstore and I just can't help myself. Lately, as brands have really jumped on the high coverage, huge applicator trend I've been super into trying them... and the results have been very, very mixed. In the mix have been concealers that I've really, really loved and ones that I absolutely loathe with actually very little middle ground meh, but all of them have been referred to as dupes of the same product... so I don't get it. Still, drugstore concealers are a weak spot for me and I need to try them all, so of course when I saw the display of the new COVERGIRL TruBlend Undercover Concealer, directly into my basket it went. 

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Conceal, shape and brighten with our new full coverage concealer. Say bye to blemishes, dark circles, rednesss, and more with this velvety, smooth formula that does not crease and lasts all day! The large, fluffy doe applicator ensures an easy, even application. With 30 shades that match 99% of skin tones, it’s easy to find your perfect hue!

Do we have to talk about the applicator? I feel like we really don't... but I'm gonna and I'll be brief. I love a huge doe foot for concealer. I don't want to re-dip for my concealer. I want to pull it out, slap it on, and blend it out and these huge applicators are great for that - even if I'm highlighting or concealer more than just under my eyes, which is generally the only place I personally use concealer. This applicator is really nice. It holds a solid amount of product but doesn't get gooped up, it's soft and it applies really well. I also continue to enjoy CoverGirl's more modern revamp of their packaging, I feel like it has really brought life back to the brand.

Another thing I wanted to note in regards to packaging is actually the amount of product that you get with this concealer. As I've been (sort of obsessively) trying out and reviewing this new wave of high coverage drugstore concealers, I've really noticed a lot of variance in the actual amount of product you get. Unlike foundations, which are almost always 30ml, there's no real standard size for concealer. I'm happy to note with this one that it's at the top of the spectrum coming it at 10ml of product. This is definitely something to note with these products because they can seem like a really great price in the drugstore, but the actual cost per ounce can be really, really high.

One thing that I just don't have time or patience for when it comes to concealer is a heavy texture that cakes up under the eyes. I'm in my mid 30s, so heavy concealers tend to really settle into my lines and age me. When it comes to high coverage concealers, texture has always been really hit or miss for me, but this one has definitely been a hit. Because it is so pigmented, I really don't find that I need much, so I tend to apply two dots of product underneath each eye and then blend with a damp blending sponge or a small brush and I find that I get really good coverage without adding weight or cakiness. 

Like I said, the coverage is really solid in this product (see below photos of it taking care of my no-sleep-zombie-eyes) and I'm also really impressed with the wear. Now, no concealer makes the lines under my eyes go away, so there is a little bit of settling into the fine lines under my eyes, but I haven't noticed it breaking up or creasing any of the times I've worn it. After probably about 8 hours of wear, I do think that there is some fading for sure, but it does still maintain coverage and I don't notice anything getting weird texture wise. I also feel like this maintains a little bit more hydration under my eyes than some other formulas that I've tried, which keeps things looking fresh but does mean I have to be sure to set with powder.

Why yes, I do 100% do my makeup in my PJs...

I wanted to show you guys three photos to demonstrate how this concealer looks on the skin - and I happened to choose a day to take these photos when my dark circles were coming strong after a pretty short night sleep. I always do my lid makeup first followed by foundation, which is what I've got going on in the first picture. Next, I have a photo immediately after applying and blending out the concealer using a blending sponge, before it has been set. The final picture is once my makeup is completely finished, including a setting powder under the eyes as well as bronzer and blush. As you can see in the final picture, the darkness under my eyes has really been covered well and everything looks really smooth and brightened once I've set with powder. 

Overall, I really do think that this is a really great option for drugstore concealer. I think that there is going to be a fair bit of subjectivity when it comes to these high coverage drugstore concealers because I think what you like under your eyes can be really personal, but I do think that this has a texture and finish that will work for a lot of people. I would say that this is definitely a product that I would recommend! If you want to see some of my other reviews of high coverage drugstore concealers to see how this one stacks up, click here to check them out!

The COVERGIRL TruBlend Undercover Concealer is widely available now and I picked mine up at Walmart for $9.97!

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