MANI MONDAY: Green Flakie Nails feat. Turtle Reef Flakes

by - November 25, 2019

You guys!! I can't even tell you how excited I am for this post. I feel like everyone who really, really loves beauty products has a bit of a fantasy about getting a chance to name one. I know that I've thought about how I would curate a collection or what kinds of names I would choose if I was creating a product. Recently, I was super lucky and got to name some gorgeous nail flakies from that are basically the perfect colour for where my brain is at a good portion of the time. I count myself extra lucky that I was able to default to one of my absolute favorite things in the world for the name - sea turtles! 

So, without further ado, keep reading to take a look at the absolutely gorgeous Turtle Reef Nail Flakes*!

For a little bit of context, I've basically been in love with sea turtles for years and years. I have a collection at home of sea turtle figurines and a pretty firm determination to one day head down south and help in sea turtle conservation efforts when the baby turtles hatch and make their very treacherous journey from their nest to the ocean. Because of this obsession, it's really no surprise that as soon as I put these flakes on my nails, I immediately thought of sea turtles, with the dominant green and then the shifts to pink and orange. It really only took a little bit of conversation to get to the final name, drawing on this really beautiful green shifting into the fuscia, coral and gold for Turtle Reef - a vision of sea turtles swimming amongst the coral reefs. If you can't tell, I have absolute heart eyes as I type this.

I've gotten a little bit obsessed recently with multichrome nail flakes and this is a really, really stunning option. One thing that I've learned is that a nail flake has to be really, really fine so that it conforms and almost sort of melts into the nail for a really smooth, seamless texture, and these definitely have that really smooth texture. They're really, really easy to work with.

I really wanted to put together a mani that would show the versatility of nail flakes for this post, so I actually did each nail a little bit different using all of the same products to show the real versatility of the looks that you can get with flakies. I personally prefer to apply flakies with my stamper because I feel like it's the least messy and most versatile way to apply them, so I used my Clear Stamper and a fluffy brush for this look.

Multichrome flakies look best over a dark créme base so that you can get that real impact, so I decided to pair these with a really deep green to really drive home the turtle thing. I appplied one coat of Dimension Nails Amazonian Manatee* (a seriously stunning one coater) and let it dry completely.  Next, I applied my ChenXi Star Glue to all of my nails, focusing only on the tip for my middle finger. You can also use a sticky base coat like yellow stopper or just a coat of your base colour at the point that it's still tacky, I just use foil glue because I have it and it makes it really easy.

To transfer the flakies to the stamper, I used a fluffy eyeshadow brush and built them up slowly to get the to opacity that I wanted for each nail. Once I've got the flakies on the stamper, I brush down to really burnish them in so that they're both laying flat as well as getting their ultimate shift and reflect once they're transferred to the nail. Finally, I just transfer them to the nail with a firm push and then use a fingertip to push down any stragglers that aren't sitting flat.

To finish, I used a generous coat of Seche Vive Quick Dry Top Coat and voila!

All Products Used
Dimension Nails - Amazonian Manatee* Turtle Reef Iridescent Nail Flakes*
Seche Vive Quick Dry Top Coat
ChenXi Star Glue Clear Stamper
Coastal Scents Classic Blending Brush Natural

As you can see, you can really get a lot of different looks on the nails using exactly the same flakies by just being really thoughtful about how you apply them. Admittedly, I was a little bit nervous when I first started working with them but I've kind of fallen in love with how versatile and impactful they are on the nails. Often I've used them as a base with stamping over top, but as you can see you can get a really impactful nail art look without any need to add complicated steps or tools. 

Like I said, I'm kind of in love with nail flakes at this point and the ones I've tried out from have been really, really gorgeous, high quality and easy to work with, so I'd highly recommend checking them out. Especially this one, since, you know I named them and I'm kind of super, super proud of the name I chose and wanna see it become a bestseller! Turtle Reef Nail Flakes* and Dimension Nails Amazonian Manatee* are available at now! Use code TRYSH for 10% off at checkout*!

And, of course, be sure to check out Cosmetic Proof, See The World In PINK and Tea & Nail Polish today for more #CBBxManiMonday nail goodness!!

Thanks for reading!

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