REVIEW: Dove Body Wash Mousse with Argan Oil

by - November 17, 2019

Happy Sunday, everyone! I don't know about you, but on Sundays I'm pretty big on practicing some pampering self care - particularly this Sunday, due to some stress and anxiety. Before writing this post, I actually had a long, hot bath and took care of some grooming things that always tend to fulfill those self care needs for them when I think about them that way. One of the products I used - one that I've been using for a while - is that Dove Body Wash Mousse with Argan Oil*. I figured it was a good time to get this post out.

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Dove Body Wash Mousse will cocoon your body in a cloud of rich, indulgent lather and luxurious Argan fragrance. The shower mousse also rinses easily, revealing instantly nourished and soft skin for up to 24 hours.

When I first saw this product, I assumed that it would be one of those really lightweight mousse body washes that tend to come in a pump packaging, but the texture of this mousse is actually a much finer and more dense foam. The scent of it pretty much immediately sold me. I can definitely get some of the scent that I tend to expect from argan oil products, but this one also really stands out to me. It's a pretty strong scent - one I'd say to avoid if you have a sensitivity to scents - and has a richness and almost a masculine edge that I both wasn't expected and am VERY MUCH here for. I absolutely love the scent of this, but I do definitely think that it'll have it's lovers and haters.

I honestly didn't quite know what to expect from this and what I was going to think, since I'm much more used to a creamy body wash that I lather up in a pouffe, but I'm overall pretty impressed. Like I said, this is quite a rich foam, so a handful of it can really go a long way and it doesn't dissipate too quickly. It does a really good job of cleaning my skin without stripping it at all and the scent that I love so much lingers on the skin. Though it doesn't leave my skin feeling moisturized enough to skip my post shower lotion - especially at this time of year - I definitely don't get out of the shower feeling tight or dry, which is very much appreciated.

Something that didn't occur to me - and probably should have, based on the texture of this foam - until it was pointed out to me, is that this also doubles as a shaving foam. Now, I'm pretty picky about what I use to shave because I do find myself pretty sensitive when it comes to shaving, and this has been working great for use on my legs. Because it's that really fine, dense foam, it spreads really well without having to use much product and sticks around on the skin while I'm shaving so that I don't have to reapply. I really, really love the idea of having one product that works as both a body wash and a shaving foam and I can honestly say that makes this product quite unique for me.

Overall, I have to say, I'm really impressed with this product. Before I realized that it doubled as a really effective shaving foam, I would say that it was just okay for me, nothing to write home about, but having that added bonus really does make it stand out for me. The biggest thing that I love about this, though, is the scent and the way that it actually lingers on my skin afterwards - which I think will be very, very subjective. This formula is also available in Coconut Oil and Rose Oil, so if this scent isn't your jam, you could definitely check out one of those.

The Dove Body Wash Mousse with Argan Oil* is available now!

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