FEATURED FIVE: Catrice Complexion, Lip & Cheek Products

by - January 29, 2020

For a long time now, Catrice has been one of those European brands that had products that I was dying to try, but we just couldn't get there here. With the brand becoming available at Shoppers Drug Mart, now us Canadians can play too. I always love when new brands are available at Canadian drugstores because traditionally our selection has been a little bit limited and I was really excited when I saw the Catrice displays popping up. Recently, I've been trying out some of their products and I'm excited to feature five of them in this post.

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Honestly, when I opened the PR package containing these products, I sort of felt like they couldn't be more perfect for me personally. Sometimes the shades and types of products that get sent over to me are beautiful, but not really my thing, but this time around I was really excited to try out everything in the package and all of the shades were really in my wheelhouse.

Catrice Prime & Fine Illuminating Dewy Glow Fixing Spray*
$9.99CAD at ShoppersDrugMart
I have to be honest, I've bought a lot of setting sprays over the years but they've never quite been my thing so I don't tend to get very excited about them. This one, however, has actually gotten me excited and I have every intention of repurchasing as soon as this one runs out because it has become a staple for me. First off, this has a really super fine mist so I don't feel like I've just doused my face when I use it, it just sort of kisses the skin. It also smells really, really good, which is always a sensory plus for me when I'm using this type of product. More importantly, though, this does exactly what I want it to do. It takes down any powdery look to the skin that can be left behind once you'd finished and set your makeup, giving the skin a subtly dewy and very healthy look. Even though it's called "dewy glow", it's definitely just a more natural, hydrated look than any significant glow or shine, which is what I personally really prefer when it comes to the look of skin. I'm not sure that it extends the wear of my makeup, but it definitely gives it a better all around look while it's on my face. Two thumbs way up for this one. 

Catrice Goodbye Pores Poreless Blur Primer*
$9.99 at ShoppersDrugMart
Like with setting spray, I'm also not a huge primer person so I didn't have the highest hopes for this one, but it has also really impressed me. It has that sort of really silky silicone texture, which I personally like, but it manages to not be too heavy or dry. During the winter, my skin definitely skews dry and I avoid like the plaque anything that might dry me out, but this definitely doesn't have that issue. The way that I apply this is to warm it between my fingertips for a couple of seconds and then press it into my problem areas - mainly my cheeks and between my eyebrows - to really fill in any visible pores, and it works really, really well to smooth those areas and give me a more seamless canvas for my foundation application. I definitely think that this helps to improve the wear of my makeup and keep it looking really smooth and fresh all day. More than making it last longer, though I do think that it does do that, what really impresses me about this is that it makes my foundation look actually good for longer. I don't end up with greasiness or visible pores throughout the day. Big, big fan of this primer. 

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer*
$7.99 at ShoppersDrugMart
I feel like this concealer had a moment a while back, around the time that Ulta started selling Catrice products, and I can see why. I wouldn't personally put this into the same category as far as coverage and many of the huge-wand-concealers that we've seen hit the market over the past couple of years, but I would still say that's a really solid coverage product. It's also really lightweight and as long as I set it, I get very, very minimal creasing if any at all. I mean, I have fine lines and those are still going to be there, but they really don't end up with product settling into them with this concealer. It also wears really, really well throughout the day. As I type this, I've been wearing this concealer for about 7 hours and it still looks pretty much exactly as I did when I applied it. For me, concealer is a workhorse product and not something I get super excited about even though I love it, and this one really does the job. No bells or whistles, just a solid formula that really, really works on me. 

Catrice Generation Plump & Shine Lip Gloss 
in Shimmering Goldstone*- $7.99 at ShoppersDrugMart
For me to want to reach for a lip gloss over a lipstick it has to be just the right formula and shade and this one really hits both of those marks for me. The shade gives a your lips but better kind of look, at least on me, and the shade is really, really close to my natural lip colour. It's more of a sheer formula, letting your lips or the lip colour you applied before it show through, and it has a really subtle shimmer that ends up looking more like a shine on the lips than giving a visibly shimmer look. The formula is quite thick, but remains smooth on the lips, and it's got a good cling without being sticky. For me, this is a formula that manages to be thick and long wearing without going to the gloopy and sticky place, which is a pretty impressive feat. While this hasn't pulled me all the way into loving lip gloss full stop, I do think that this is a beautiful one and I've been reaching for it really often when I just want an easy, no fuss lip product for every day wear. Great for the purse!

Catrice Blush Box 
in Glistening Pink* - $7.99 at ShoppersDrugMart
Out of all of the products in this round up, I had the highest hopes for the blush. I love a good drugstore blush and this one really didn't disappoint. First off, and this is completely subjective, this is a perfect every day shade for my skin tone. It's a really gorgeous natural pink that maybe has a little bit of a peach tone and a really subtle luminosity that looks more healthy than shimmery. The formula is really, really solid. It's got a good amount of pigmentation that shows up but isn't too heavy so you don't have to be too careful when applying it. It blends out really smoothly on the skin and never looks like too much. Generally, I like to have pinked up cheeks that don't necessarily look like product and that's exactly what this blush gives me. Seriously, I've been reaching for this really consistently lately and I think it's absolutely a new favorite for me. 

I think that the thing that really permeates all of these products for me is that they're all products that just get the job done - and most of the time that's exactly what I'm looking for. The shades of the colour products are super wearable and every day and the complexion products perform really well at doing exactly what they're intended to do.

Honestly, I'm just so overwhelmingly impressed with all of the things I've tried from Catrice and I'm so glad that the brand is available in Canadian drugstores now because I think they're a great addition. One thing that I will say is that the line is overwhelmingly neutral and "wearable" (quotations because wearable is obviously SUPER subjective) which I think will be a huge plus for some and a minus for others. For me, who likes to keep my every day makeup routine pretty simple and easy going, everything I've tried from Catrice really works with that.

Like I said, Catrice is now available at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada, in store and online, and really is a great affordable new option at our drugstores!

Thanks for reading!

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