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by - February 27, 2020

I'm one of those people that has a fairly small handbag that I use every day... and it's just absolutely jammed full of products to keep my hands and lips moisturized throughout the day. Like, seriously,  used to keep 16 different lipsticks in my purse, but I've definitely transitioned more to lip balms and masks in my purse. So why am I telling you this? I wanted to give some context to my excitement over when a package arrived containing an entire range of Lip Care products from Catrice, because I was genuinely excited. Catrice has been a brand that I've been overwhelmingly impressed with over the past few months, and I personally found it really impressive that a drugstore cosmetics brand really does have this whole range of different lip care products. 

Anyway, let's get into the specific products, shall we?

Catrice Lip Sugar Scrub And Balm*
$7.99CAD | Pout primer! Exfoliate, soothe and smooth with Catrice's Lip Sugar Scrub and Balm. The pampering sugar formula quickly melts leaving lips perfectly primed and baby soft. Not tested on animals.

I've always loved the idea of a lip scrub in a bullet, because I really, really don't like putting my fingers in a pot of scrub and then rubbing it on my lips. I've done it, for sure, when necessary but it's not something that I enjoy the experience of. In the past, I've tried other products similar to this one, but they've never quite gotten there for me for various reasons - generally because the ratio of exfoliating elements to balm isn't quite right and it either ends up feeling like claws on my lips or just sort of... crumbling before my eyes. I'm happy to say that this one hit the right balance for me. 

The texture of this product is quite soft and really melts into the lips and it has a sweet, subtle vanilla scent that I personally love. Now, I will say you do have to be careful when applying it because if you apply too much pressure, there's a good chance you're just going to smash it since it is so soft. Just use a light hand when applying it, and then rub your lips together to work the sugar in. It doesn't take too long for the sugar to melt away on the lips and then you're left with a nice, creamy layer of the balm. I guess you could wipe away the sugar as well, but I really do think the balm is lovely and worth keeping on the lips.

I actually really love the level of exfoliation that I get with this scrub because I think it just sort of sloughs away any dry crusty bits without caushing any irritation to the rest of my lips. The worst part about a lip scrub when you're really dealing with crusty bits on the lips is that they tend to already be a little bit dry and irritated and that can just make things worse, but I think this one is quite gentle for a physical exfoliant and then you have that really lovely balm left on the lips for protection and comfort. 

Catrice Coconut Lip Balm*
$7.99CAD | Coconut Kiss! This Catrice nourishing lip balm is enriched with coconut oil, argan oil and vitamin E, leaving lips moisturized with the scent of tropical coconuts. • Cruelty-free • Enriched with coconut oil, argan oil and vitamin E • Nourishing lip balm • Tropical coconut scent.

Lip balm is absolutely no joke in my life. Like, seriously, it would be at the top of my deserted island list because I just can't handle dry lips so I just consistently keep them moisturized with a handful of really tried and true lip balm options these days - and like I said, they're with me wherever I go and at hand in the places that I spend most of my time. So obviously, I was excited to try out this one and see if it can hold up to my sort of holy grail options. I have to say that I think this is a really solid lip balm formula, but there's one thing that I don't love about it. 

I would say that this is a medium weight lip balm that strikes a really good balance when it comes to texture. It has a pretty pronounced coconut scent that really knocks right into that classic beachy coconut scent that we all think of. It is both creamy and waxy in a way that is really balanced. I feel like it packs a good punch of moisture and feel comfortable and soothing on the lips. It has a really solid formula packed with emollients and has a really good texture that feels good on the lips.

Soooo why haven't I completely fallen in love with it if the formula is so good? It casts on me. There is titanium dioxide in the formula (though I don't think it claims any SPF benefits) and it does have enough cast to it that I think it ends up making me look a little bit dead in the lips. Now, I wouldn't mind this if I was going to follow it with a lip colour or just wear it around the house, but I definitely think it bears mentioning. 

Catrice Lip Treatment with Shea Butter*
$9.99CAD | Pampered Pout! The Catrice Lip Treatment is a creamy lip balm enriched with shea butter to provide intensive moisture. Can be used before going to bed as a lip mask. Not tested on animals.

Immediately, as soon as I opened this and picked some up with my finger, I was reminded of another product that I've been using in my collection for years. It's not a dupe by any means, but there are definitely some parallels that I was really interested in comparing, and in the end I found that this actually solved a few of the problems that I have with that other product and will likely end up being the one I'm more likely to reach for as an overnight lip treatment when my lips need some TLC.

This shea butter based lip treatment is really rich, but I actually find that it's not overly thick or hard to work with. It's initially a little bit gritty, which you can feel on the lips, but it melts away to a smoother texture pretty quickly. Where the Lip Coconut Balm has that balance of creaminess and waxiness, this has more of a rich, buttery texture. It does contain beeswax, so it's not entirely creamy, but it definitely leans more towards the creamier texture. 

Initially, I was concerned that, because it didn't have that waxiness, it wasn't going to last on my lips throughout the night, but I've been really impressed that it hangs around all of the way until the morning when I apply it before bed. The second ingredient in this formula, after the shea butter, is Olus Oil (vegetable oil), which acts both as an emollient and as an occlusive, so I think it does add that barrier to really lock in the moisture to the lips in a way that lasts. Honestly, I think this is a gorgeous lip treatment and it has moved to the number one slot on my nightstand for before-bed lip care. 

Catrice Lip Plumping Mask with Hyaluron*
Bye-bye brittle and chapped lips! Hello soft skin! The lip mask has a rich texture, which feels pleasant on the lips and leaves behind a rosy shine. The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and creates a plumping effect that visually enlarges the lips. The lip mask isn't sticky and can be applied during the day or overnight. Added benefit: The subtle fragrance that unfolds when the mask is applied.

I'm a big, big fan of a lip mask - though I think that there are some that are amazing and others that just sort of function like a lip balm. More and more over the years, I've been reaching for a certain (recently reformulated and maybe ruined, based on what I've heard) lip mask that's quite spendy, so I was hoping that this might be able to replace that one in my collection. I'm not sure that's entirely the case, but I do think that this lip mask serves a distinctly unique purpose for me personally. 

The formula of this lip mask is quite thick and adds a lot of shine to the lips. I would definitely recommend using a light hand when applying because if you go overboard it can end up feeling a little bit gloopy on the lips. It does have a light scent, which I can't place but find really, really pleasant when it's on the lips - and you can absolutely smell it while you're wearing it, which I think is something to consider. It has a nice slip to it and because it adds so much shine, I think it would function really well as a day to day lip gloss. It does have some really good moisturizing ingredients and I think it does give some protection and nourishment to the lips, but I don't think that would be the primary function of this product. 

Now, when I saw the word "plumping", I was a little bit worried because I tend to avoid plumping products like the plague - oftentimes they tend to include irritating ingredients that sensitize and sting the lips and lead to problems that I don't want to deal with. This one is interesting because it doesn't include those types of ingredients and it doesn't sting, but there is a really kind of strange feeling on the lips. It actually does feel plumping and there's a sensation that I can really only describe as just this side of numbing. Not numb, but a little bit numbing? I don't find it unpleasant, but I do find it a little bit strange. Anyway, this is a product that I really, really enjoy and have actually been reaching for a lot recently, but I think it might be one that ends up being a little bit polarizing. 

Catrice Lip Oil with Sweet Almond Oil*
$9.99CAD | Smooth Operator. Regenerate lips with Catrice's Lip Oil treatment. The transparent oil is formulated with almond oil to moisturize and smooth lips. Use alone for a pampered pout or use before lipstick to hydrate lips.

I have to admit, I didn't really know what to do with this oil when I first tried it out. I've used lip oils in the past, but they've been formulas that behaved more like a lip gloss than a straight up oil ultimately, and this one is definitely more of the latter. Ultimately, I've ended up trying this a few different ways and I found one - one that I definitely don't think it was intended for - that I like it for best.

While they do lean into the sweet almond oil in the formula, this is actually a blend containing meadowfoam seed oil, apricot kernel oil, and jojoba oil as well. It's packaged in a dropper style packaging and has quite a thin consistency that soaks into the skin quite quickly and definitely doesn't leave behind an oily feeling. The way that I tend to use this for my lips is to pair it with other types of products. It works quite well as a primer before a more drying lip colour product, like a matte lipstick, to give both moisture to the lips and to provide a barrier between the product and your lips to help your lips not feel quite as dry. I've also paired it with lip balms in much the same way, but I don't really find that it gives a huge benefit there.

Where this has been absolutely killing it for me - and where I will probably end up using it up - is actually as a cuticle oil. See, clearly not what it was intended for. That said, the oils in this formula have also been in some of my all time favorite cuticle oils (in various combinations) and I thought that it would be worth a shot - and it SO WAS. Because this is such a quickly absorbed oil, I feel like it's great for applying throughout the day because I don't need to worry about having greasy fingers for any period of time, and it really does give that instant boost to the look of the skin around my nails. Another thing that makes this a great cuticle oil for me is the teeeeny tiny little dropper, which allows me to place a small amount right at the base of each nail so that I don't make a big mess when applying. Like I said, I know that this wasn't what this product was intended for, but it's definitely how I'll personally be using it. 

Overall, the impression that I'm left with when it comes to this collection of lip care products is that you really don't need ALL of the products and every single product probably won't work for everyone, but I think that all of the products are good quality and everyone should be able to find at least a couple of these products that work for them. For me, personally, I think my two favorites are the Lip Scrub And Balm* and the Lip Treatment With Shea Butter*, at least when it comes to my lips. I'm also pretty obsessed with putting the Lip Oil with Sweet Almond Oil* on my hands, obviously.

Catrice products are now available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart in store and online!

Thanks for reading!

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