REVIEW: Cake Beauty Gelato Cleansing Balm

by - July 31, 2020

When the price tags for the new Cake Beauty skin care products started going up at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, they didn't have all of the products to go with them but I started scoping them out. The most exciting for me? Is anyone surprised that it was the Cake Beauty Gelato Cleansing Balm? I'm constantly on the hunt for more drugstore cleansing balms and on top of being at a great price point, it's from a brand that I've consistently enjoyed for the past few years. I have to say... it isn't what I was expecting, so if you're curious about it I would definitely encourage you to read on. 

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Naturally Luxe Beauty - Gentle yet powerful cleansing balm removes all traces of skin impurities and makeup while softening, hydrating and brightening —no fragrance.

Generally, when I use a cleansing balm, it's the type the you apply dry that will melt down into an oil and work into the skin without adding water until you're ready to remove it. This is definitely not that kind of cleansing balm. In fact, I would personally say that this isn't at all a cleanser that I would personally use as a step one in my cleansing routine. This baby is THICK and definitely requires water to really be worked into the skin and do it's job cleansing. The closest thing I can think to compare it to that I've tried is the Eve Lom Cleanser, which is also a balm but not one that I would personally use as a makeup remover. 

For me, the problem with this cleanser being used as a second cleanse is that I can't seem to get it to rinse cleanly off the skin and I end up with residue left on my face even if I remove the product with a washcloth (which is generally how I remove my cleansers.) In testing this, I actually found that it broke me out because of that residue left behind - and I'm not someone who generally breaks out all that much anymore. Ultimately, I just couldn't figure out how to make this work in my routine because it didn't do the job of a first cleanse the way that I was hoping and it didn't rinse cleanly enough to be my second cleanse. 

This one really bums me out, guys, because I had high hopes. Ultimately, I'm probably going to end up using this up as a body wash because it's pretty lush in texture and I think it'll work better for me in that capacity, but I definitely won't be picking it up again. I'm literally sighing as I write this because I just had such high, high hopes for it.

I am definitely going to try out some of the other Cake Beauty skin care products because I've seen some really well reviewed products from the line, and I hope that they'll work out better for me than this one did.

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