NAIL ART: Mermaid Nails ft. QUO XTREME FX Nail Color

by - August 26, 2020

I have a little story about the polish that I'm featuring today. I was actually looking online at Shoppers Drug Mart at the shades in the new(ish) Quo XTREME FX Nail Color line and I saw the little blob of what the shade Happy Go Lucky was supposed to look like and immediately got heart eyes and decided to run out to the store later that day to gets my hands on it. Now, initially, standing in front of the display I was convinced that they didn't have it, but then I saw the little tag and realized that this was the shade I was looking for - it had looked a little deeper and more ashy online. Initially I was a little bit disappointed, but then I picked up the bottle and shifted it in the light a little bit and I was pretty sold on giving it a try. 

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Because I can't find a description of this shade anywhere official, I would describe it as a turquoise jelly base packed to the brim with gold flakes. Like, seriously, this baby is PACKED with flakies that really completely changes the colour of that base, especially when you build it up a little.

I found it was pretty sheer on the first coat but built up to the kind of opacity that I'm looking for in two coats. If you apply really thin coats or really want full, full, full opacity you might need three, but two was plenty for me. Application is pretty dreamy, I must say, with even coverage and a really nice dispersion of the flakies over the nail. I did find the dry time a little bit longer than what I'm used to lately, but it wasn't too bad and it was worth it for the final result. Because this is a jelly, it does have that sort of squishy look to it and has a really smooth finish, if a little bit dull without top coat. 

Immediately upon applying this polish, it 100% gave me The Little Mermaid vibes - I feel like this might be the most perfect shade I've ever seen to get the look of Ariel's tail. The tone of the turquoise is really bang on and the addition of the gold flakes really does give that fish scales kind of a look.... so I figured why not add some mermaid scale stamping? I grabbed some white stamping polish along with the Bundle Monster + gotnail BM-XL212 stamping plate and just did some quick, easy stamping to all of my nails for that mermaid look. 

I have to say, even though I was expecting the shade to be a little different than what it turned out to be, this is a really beautiful polish that really stands out at the drugstore. Mainstream polish brands haven't gotten as on board with flakies as I personally would like to see (although there have been some and they're glorious!) and I think the base colour and the flakes in this polish were really well chosen. Seriously, this is Ariel to the moon. And really, this is a gorgeous formula with great opacity and is really easy to apply.

If you want to see this polish applied in action or to see how I put together this relatively simple mani, head over to @pblnails and check out my video tutorial. Also follow me there for more nail videos and to see all of my nail art when I post!

The QUO XTREME FX Nail Color is available at Shoppers Drug Mart in store and online and retails for $11.99CAD.

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