MANI MONDAY: Soft & Cozy Stamped Sweater Nails

by - November 23, 2020


Is anyone else already fully in Christmas brain? I feel like it's because Christmas is going to be so profoundly different this year that I'm determined to make it full time Christmas through the entire month of December (and may have already started indulging in the egg nog...) Anyway, because I'm already preoccupied with Christmas, and by extension, Christmas Nail Art, this month has been a little bit tricky in my brain. BUT I managed to keep it cozy and wintery without meandering into Christmas territory, I think, with this week's Whatever November #CBBxManiMonday!

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I got the idea to do this mani sort of loosely and had to figure out what base to use, but as soon as I grabbed Paint It Pretty Polish Rainbow Clouds I knew it was perfect. I think that the flakies in it give it a feel of that yarn that has like... bits of colour in it? (Don't judge me, the only thing I can knit is scarves...) Did try to Google it, but "yarn with bits" wasn't helpful and COVID has put me in a low effort brainspace, so... Yeah, I love this polish and I thought it would be the perfect base for this mani. I applied two coats to all of my nails.

This mani actually morphed in the middle of my doing it. Initially, I was going to apply the sort of knit stitch image that is on my pointer and ring fingers, but I changed course after I messed up my middle finger and had to redo it (as I am a perfectionist.) Ultimately, I decided to grab for a different plate and apply this Norwegian Star design to my middle finger for a little bit of a shake up, and leave the pinkie unstamped. Honestly, in the end I'm kind of in love with how it turned out.

To finish, I sealed my stamping with a water based top coat and then followed with a quick dry matte top coat and voila!

All Products Used
Paint It Pretty Polish - Rainbow Clouds
What's Up Nails - Blanc My Mind
Suncoat Water Based Top Coat
Quo Beauty Flash Dry Matte Top Coat
Pueen Liquid Peel Off Cuticle Guard
Nicole Diary L13 Stamping Plate
What's Up Nails B035 Icy Wonderland Stamping Plate
Beauty Big Bang Clear Stamper

Not gonna lie, I've kind of fallen in love with this mani - I highly, highly recommend this polish on its own or as a base for stamping. It's still available on her Etsy shop, so if you're interested check it out here

As always, be sure to head over to Cosmetic Proof and See The World In PINK to check out their themeless nails this week for #CBBxManiMonday!

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