SWATCH & REVIEW: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel NEON Collection 2021

by - August 24, 2021

Hey guys! I have to admit that when I first saw some photos of the Limited Edition Sally Hansen Miracle Gel NEON Collection* for Summer 2021, I didn't really look too closely because I already have my favorite neon polishes. However, I recently got to try them out and I have to say that most of the shades in this collection have stood out to me in a really surprising and exciting way because they've got some really unique shades and finishes in this collection. Of course, this is why I decided to swatch them all out for you guys because they'll be going away soon and I think this collection is worth taking a look at before it's gone!

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As I said, this is a limited edition collection of six shades that all live somewhere in the neon family. There's, I would say, three distinctly different finishes in this collection with two créme shades, two fine glowy shimmers, and two jellies with a larger particle gold shimmer. On top of that, I feel like there's some distinctly different categories of neon in this collection, from very classic, true neon shades to the more pastel neon types of shades that we all love so much. 

They did send along a white polish with this collection for me and applying these polishes over white will definitely amp up the intensity as well as add some opacity to the more sheer shades, but I decided to swatch them alone to see how they perform that way. All of the following swatches are three coats with a layer of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Step 2 Top Coat*. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Neon in Sun-Shine On*
In my notes, I described this shade as a "soft yellow crelly with iridescent green glow" and I stand by that. This shade actually showed up a little bit more punchy in photos than in person, where I found the tone of the yellow to be a little bit softer and creamier over all. On application, there's definitely some brush stokes in that shimmer, but they dissipate somewhat as it dries and really didn't both me at the end of the day. In three coats, I feel like I got full coverage, which is pretty standard for yellows for me, and I think the addition of the glow made it a more flattering version of itself on my skin tone. I actually really, really like this one and am pleasantly surprised by both the shade and the performance of it. Yellow it tricky, so this was a feat to pull off.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Neon in Squeeze The Day*
To say that I'm obsessed with this polish, which I described as a "bright creamsicle orange jelly with gold shimmer" would be an understatement. I absolutely love it. Because it's a jelly with a small particle shimmer, this one didn't get opaque for me in three coats, but I think on shorter nails or nails with a more subtle visible nail line you would be really happy with the coverage in three. For me, I'm perfectly happy to wear it with more of that sheerness or to start with some sort of undie - either white, beige or a similar orange. The application of this was really smooth and easy with this one, but it does dry down a little bit dull so you're definitely going to want to follow with top coat to get the most out of this polish. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Neon in Floresc-Pink*
Let's be clear... I am not this girl. I am not the hot pink 80s fever dream nails kind of girl. And yet... I am OBSESSED with this polish. There's something about the tone of this pink and that lit-from-within kind of glow that the subtle shimmer gives it that is just insanely flattering - and I think it would basically be flattering on just about anyone. On shorter nails, I suspect that 2 coats would be plenty for this polish, but I did need three to get to the opacity that I was looking for, and this does dry down dull so I would recommend following with top coat. Honestly, I never would have seen this coming, but I think this is the must have shade of this collection. It's just gorgeous and kind of magical. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Neon in Feelin' Grape*
When it comes to what I think of as a sort of classic neon formula, this is the only shade in this collection that really behaves that way to me. This purple neon has a gorgeous level of brightness and punch and almost applies a bit jelly like before drying down to a dull finish that requires top coat to really shine. Honestly, I think that if you're new to the neon game or just looking for a really classic bright purple polish, this is a really solid option. Again, on shorter nails you might be able to get full opacity in two coats, but I did need three at my nail length, and application was really smooth and easy on this one. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Neon in Electri-Lime*
I wasn't really expecting a pastel neon in this collection when I first saw the photos, but as someone who absolutely loves a pastel neon polish I was really excited about this one. In my notes, I called this a pastel neon lettuce green and I firmly stand by that. Depending on how you polish, this classic créme shade could easily be a two coater, but I did again need three to get full opacity. One thing that I was really impressed with when it comes to this polish is the amount of classic neon green vibes I got from it, it just really goes there while still being distinctly pastel. Of all of the polishes in this collection, I actually suspect this one might be the one I end up reaching for most because it's specifically different from other pastel neon greens I already own and I love to use pastel neons for nail art. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Neon in Chill Out*
And finally, we have what is probably the shade that I was most excited about and knew that I was going to love. The summery ocean vibe in this blue jelly polish is strong with that gold shimmer that really gives it a sun-on-the-water type of a vibe. Like the orange in the same finish, I didn't quite get full opacity with this one in three coats and would recommend using some kind of undie if you're looking for full coverage. That said, I think the depth and intensity of the blue does have more of a camouflaging effect and I really love how three coats looked on my nails. I would definitely recommend a top coat with this one as well to get the most of that gorgeous shimmer. 

Honestly, I'm really surprised at how much I really enjoyed this collection - I didn't necessarily think I was going to that much. I think that the curation of this collection in both the shades they chose as well as the different finishes really does make it a gorgeous stand out. For most people, I think that a lot of these shades will be unique and different to what they already own, and all of them are great summer options. 

If you're interested in picking up the 2021 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Neon Collection*, I would recommend checking local stores that carry these types of limited edition collections, but if you can't find them there I did find them (as well as the now-permanent 2019 Neons collection) all still available on Amazon!

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