NAIL ART: Black & White Graphic Modified French Nails

by - September 08, 2021

Sometimes a mani just sort of happens as it happens. Honestly, I generally go into most of my mani's with some sort of plan, even if it changes along the way, but this one was 100% a product of just happening as it was happening. I started with a base polish - a gorgeous one that I think could absolutely be a staple in anyone's collection, but particularly a nail artists collection - and then I just sort of when with whatever struck me until I had these nails. And I kind of love them. 

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Cirque Colors' Hatch is such a perfect base polish for so many designs that I think it's a great option for any nail artist to have in their collection. It's a soft white polish with really fine black flecks through it and on the nail it ends up looking like a really, really soft grey on the nail. The black flecks are so small and subtle that the end up giving a really sort of delicate look that feels really soft and erases any starkness that usually accompanies black and white. I just love it. I can't say enough about this polish.

For this mani, I applied 2 coats of Hatch to all of my nails for my base. Like I said, I didn't have a plan going into this mani, so I just applied this polish knowing that it would be a great base for a wide variety of different designs.

As I dug around in my stamping plates - I'm telling you, I need a new storage and organization system for my plate collection - I grabbed for this plate from Pict You that has all of these really graphic images on it and decided to use it before even choosing an image from it. Ultimately, I was really drawn to this image because it's full coverage and actually a little bit busy, but feels really minimalist at the same time. It kind of gives me a Scandinavian sort of vibe - I dunno, my brain works in mysterious ways. Anyway, I applied this design to all of my nails, alternating the direction that I placed the image. 

Because I'm me and I like to throw the kitchen sink at my nails, I decided that I couldn't just leave it like that and I decided to go in with a sort of layered modified french tip. I started with a white créme polish and applied it at an angle from one side of the nail and then went in with a black créme polish and applied it at a diagonal in the opposite direction. Pretty simple, not quite perfect, but I dig the vibe.

Finally, once I was happy with the design, I sealed everything in with a water based top coat and then finished with a glossy top coat for shine. And voila!

All Products Used
Cirque Colors - Hatch
Whats Up Nails - Neither Noir
Prairie Crocus Polish - Snow
Ceramic Glaze - Little Black Dress
Maniology Smudge Free Top Coat
Glisten & Glow Top Coat
Pict You PY-J036 Stamping Plate
Whats Up Nails Magnified Clear Stamper
Pueen Liquid Peel Off Cuticule Guard

What I love about this mani is that it simulantenous feels like a really simple design while also feeling like so very much on the nails. It's simple but it's also a lot, let's be honest, and sometimes... that's just me in a nutshell. Also, if you're looking for a really affordable plate with some seriously great designs, I highly recommend checking out the Pict You PY-J036 Stamping Plate. Their plates are available on Aliexpress from their official store and I've really enjoyed both their design as well as their quality and performance. Solid, for sure. 

Anyway, thanks for reading!!

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