SWATCH & REVIEW | Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy Of Colour Holiday 2021 Collection

by - November 30, 2021

Ahhhhh! I am so excited that it's almost December and time to dig down into a marathon of holiday themed nail art. Before we get into that, though, I've got a seriously impressive new holiday nail polish collection to share with you guys! I have to admit, when I first saw the display for the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy Of Colour Collection* I almost just bought all of the polishes, but I decided to hold off and within a couple of days the people over at Sally Hansen were kind enough to send it over for me to share with you guys. Seriously, I can't even express how gorgeous this collection is - even more beautiful than I could have expected just seeing the polishes in the bottle.

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy Of Colour Collection
Gift For Blue
In my notes, I described this as a pale blue/grey crelly with silver glitter and I stand by that, though I will say that initially I thought it was much more grey but on the nails it distinctly pulled blue on me. The cool thing, to me, about this polish is that those silver glitters end up looking white and snowy when applied to the nail even though you can clearly see that they're silver in the bottle - love that! The effect ends up being more subtle than a traditionally glittery polish and gives a sort of lit from within sparkle.

The formula on this polish was really, really lovely to work with, though I definitely recommend giving it a good shake before applying to get the best results. On the first coat, this was a little sheer but fairly smooth, and on the second coat I got full coverage. You might need three coats depending on the length of your nails and how you polish, but two did it for me. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy Of Colour Collection
Living In The Presents
I described this one as a pale, very slightly ashy pink crelly with silver glitter through it. This one is pretty much the exact same formula as Gift For Blue with that sort of snowy lit from within glitter look, though I found this one performed ever so slightly different. This one definitely needs a good shake before you apply it and I personally would recommend going for slightly thicker coats with this one to get a nice, smooth application.

I did get two coat coverage with this one as well, but like I said I did find that those thicker coats were beneficial to a smooth application. Both this polish and Gift For Blue dry down a little bit dull and with a little bit of texture from this glitters, so definitely be sure to go in with the Miracle Gel Top Coat to get a nice smooth, shiny finish.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy Of Colour Collection
Red It Twice
Is there anything more perfect for the holiday season than a red jelly polish packed with red metallic glitters? I would personally say no. This polish is definitely a full on ruby slippers type of polish and packs a ton of punch and glitteriness in a really voluminous jelly base. 

One the first coat, this applied pretty sheer but really, really evenly and actually dried down more pink than I was expecting. On that second coat, I did manage to get full coverage (although that might be more of a camouflage from the glitters than actual opacity) and a really even application. This polish definitely dries down dull and with some not insignificant texture, so I would recommend a generous layer or two of top coat to really get the best of this polish. It's STUNNING, though. If you're looking for the perfect holiday party red polish in the drugstore, I definitely think this is the one to grab.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy Of Colour Collection
Snow What You Want (Shown over Red It Twice)
I love, love, love a snowy topper, so I was excited about this as soon as I saw the pictures, but when I saw it in person I was even more excited because it's really unique from any other snowy toppers I own or have tried. This polish is a combination of fine matte white traditional glitters along with larger irregular matte white shards in a clear base that give a really nice textured look to the nails.

This is a really no brainer topper to use and gives a really even distribution of those glitters over the nail without having to fish for them or mess around too much with the brush. That said, they're also pretty easy to manipulate to get the look that you want during application. This topper does dry down with a little bit of texture from those shards, which are more the thickness of traditional glitters than the thinner flakies, so I would recommend either using a glitter smoothing top coat before your Miracle Gel Top Coat or even just doing two coats of top coat for a nice, smooth finish. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy Of Colour Collection
Under The Tree
This is one of those times when I didn't see my favorite polish in this collection coming at all. Initially, I thought that this was going to a standard metallic green (that's what it looked like in the bottle at first) that would be nice but maybe not my thing. Ohhh boy was I wrong. This polish is a really rich navy blue base packed with shimmer that shifts from this gorgeous wintery green to a rich deep blue and it is a STUNNER. 

Immediately on that first coat, I knew that this was a special polish. It's super smooth to apply with amazing coverage even in one coat. On shorter nails, this could even maybe be a one coater. On me, I definitely needed that second coat for full coverage and I found that it also really added to the richness of this color. In the bottle, this really did look green, but as you can see under my lights it really brought out that blue base. Seriously, I don't know how this ended up being my favorite in the collection, I really didn't see it coming, but it truly is. Don't sleep on this one. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy Of Colour Collection
Wrapped In Love
In person, this polish definitely had a little bit more depth and richness to it that I just couldn't seem to capture in photos. I would describe this as a rich shimmery/metallic magenta that leans maybe just a little bit cranberry and I feel like this will definitely be a big crowd pleaser to people who are into this type of shade. Those people are not me, but I can definitely appreciate this as a beautiful shade.

One the first coat, this one is definitely a little bit sheer, but it gives a really smooth, even application. On the second coat, I easily built up to full opacity and found the formula really, really easy to work with. On application there are definitely some brush strokes, but as the polish dries they definitely become a lot more subtle - though I do still recommend making sure you apply that second coat really straight just to get the best results. Honestly, really can't say a bad thing about this one - it's a beautiful, well formulated shade that will definitely pack impact during the holiday season. 

Honestly, I really liked this collection when I first saw it in photos and then in store, but once I got these polishes on my nails I really fell in love with this collection as a whole. I think it has a really good mix of your sort of workhorse holiday shades like the red and magenta ones, but then in the other four it really packs a ton of uniqueness that is still perfect for the season. I honestly can't say enough good things about this collection - Seriously, don't sleep on this one if any of these shades jump out at you.

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Joy Of Colour Collection* is available in stores for a limited time and you can also find the entire collection on Amazon!

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