SWATCH & REVIEW | AIMEILI Summer Bright Pastel Gel Polish Set

by - March 15, 2024

A while back, I reviewed one of the 12 peice Gel Polish sets that Aimeili sells and I was overwhelmingly impressed with them, so when they offered to send over another, much more spring/summer appropriate set I was very excited to give them a go as well. Aimeili really does have a great selection of gel polish shades and they are available from Amazon at a really accessible price point, which I personally love. In fact, as I write this, this 12 piece set is currently available on Amazon Canada for under $25!

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This is honestly sort of a perfect set for this time of year because it's just packed full of pastel shades that are perfect for spring and summer nails. Initially, I thought that some of the shades would end up being too similar, but each shade really does stand on its own and there's a good mix of depth and saturation in this collection. Love that! 

Now, onto the individual shades!

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #262
In my notes, I described this as a very soft, warm pink créme, although I think you could probably argue that it's more neutral than warm. This is a gorgeous shade that I think would work beautifully on its own or as a base for nail art, which is obvious how I'm likely to use it. The formula of this polish is smooth and creamy and this shade requires 2-3 coats for opacity.

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #263
In my notes I described this is a perfect spring pastel purple and I stand by it. Honestly, the undertones are perfect, in my opinion, and it's just a gorgeous. The formula is also a huge winner and I think shorter nails could easily get away with one coat, but longer nails might need to go in with a second coat. Again, the formula is very smooth and creamy.

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #264
I described this shade as a sky blue, which again I think I'm going to stand by. It's a really true light blue shade that I has enough saturation to have a little punch to it. This one is a firm 2 coater and again has that really gorgeous, creamy formula. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #265
I absolutely love a pastel baby blue polish and this one is really gorgeous. It has a surprising amount of opacity for being one of the lighter shades in this collection and I think it's another firm 2 coater. In my notes, I pretty much described all of these polishes as being creamy and smooth and I stand by it.

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #266
Another favorite polish shade for spring for me is pastel mint and this one is done really, really well. It's so soft and perfect and doesn't skew too yellow or too blue, it just sits right in that soft mint zone. Again, 2 coat coverage with a beautiful, creamy formula.

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #267
This shade, to me, feels like one of the most unique in this situation. I'd call it a pastel grass green, if that makes sense, and it's a bit more saturated than the previous pastel shades. It's also super pigmented and I would say it's a 1-2 coater with that same creamy, smooth formula.

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #268
I would describe this as being a turned down lemon yellow. It's pastel, but still distinctly YELLOW, if that makes sense. Yellow polish is notoriously a pain in my ass, so I was happy to find that this one applied and leveled really smoothly. It is a 2-3 coater, depending on your nail length, but I think it's worth it!

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #269
I am OBSESSED with this pastel peach shade. It really is firmly peach and doesn't skew too yellow, too pink, OR too orange, which I think is pretty impressive - it's balanced between all three of those. This is another firm 2 coater with a smooth, creamy formula. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #270
In my notes, I described this as a buttery, peachy beige shade and I stand by that as well. It definitely leans more yellow, obviously, but there is definitely a peachy undertone to it as well (which I think is most visible below where I have a photo of all of the swatch sticks next to each other.) This is a 2 coater, great formula. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #271
In my notes, I described this as a pale neutral ashy blue, but upon reflection I think pastel periwinkle is a more accurate description. I LOVE this shade. I've loved this shade for years and I think it's particularly flattering on my skin tone. This is another solid 2 coater with a gorgeous formula and probably my personal favorite in the collection. 

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #272
I described this shade as a pastel warm mint green and I think that's really apparent when compared to shade 266, which is similar in depth but is generally much more neutral than this shade. This is another shade I absolutely love at this time of year. This is a 1-2 coat polish with a gorgeous formula. (I know, I just KEEP saying that, but it's true!)

Aimeili Gel Polish Shade #273
I described this as cherry blossom pink and I will not be accepting any notes. It's the undertones for me that give it that cherry blossom vibe and I LOVE it. I'm not even a pink girl, but this is another favorite in the collection for me. This is another 1-2 coat polish with a beautiful formula. 

Honestly, I think even moreso than the last Aimeili 12 Piece Collection that I tried, I am in love with this one. I love the selection of shades and I really feel like there are no misses as far as formula, even though there are some that are a bit more or less pigmented than others.

If you're interested in picking up this collection, it is currently on sale from Amazon for around $22 and I think that's an AMAZING price for what you get from this collection! 

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out next week for some nail art featuring these polishes! 

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