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by - July 28, 2014

... And we're back to beauty products!

See, the thing is... I really like Essence. I feel like a lot of their products are really, really good for their price point. I've tried out a lot of their stuff - Even if only because it's so affordable that, you know, why not? I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again on this blog - Essence is on point a lot of the time and has some really solid products in their line up, from the permanent line to their trend collections. A few of my favorites are their gel eyeliner, which I've actually recommended and even purchased for quite a few people because it's so good, and their silky touch blushes, of which I have at least 4 shades that get solid use. 

All of that said? I didn't really have any interest in picking this product up when I first saw it. Lash volumizing powder? In a little jar with a spooly? And white? It was somewhat interesting, I'll admit, but not enough to make me buy until The Internet told me to give it a try. And really, The Internet has told me to do a lot of things that... just... no, but trying out a fluffy eyelash powder for under $5? I'm in.

Keep reading for my thoughts!

As usual, we begin with packaging. It's fine. It does the trick. It bugs the shit out of me that it comes in two pieces. I don't like products that require me to carry around a specific utensil for them. This is the same reason that, even though I love them, I don't carry any OCC lip tars around with me. All of that being said, this product comes in a small plastic jar with a screw top lid. It's small, but you really don't need much when it comes to this product and I feel like this will last a long time. Along with the jar, you get a separate spooly for applying the fibres to your lashes. And it isn't attached. Anyway, for most people this probably wouldn't be an issue, but it's not convenient for travel. Just saying. The packaging is fine.

The brush that comes with this product is very simple. It's a small, traditional spooly brush with slightly tapered bristles. I would imagine that traditional bristles are important for this product and a rubber brush would be approximately no good when it came to putting this product on. Overall... It's a standard brush, what could I possibly say?

As you see below, once you dip the brush into the pot, it picks up a bunch of white fibres at the tip of the brush. It's a little messy, especially since you definitely have to tap it off a few times lest you end up with fibres all over your cheeks. Now, I think I was applying this product correctly. I think. Basically, you put on  a coat of your regular mascara (or in my case, a mascara that generally sucks for volume) and then you apply a generous coat of the fibres before sealing it with one more coat of mascara. I would imagine that you could continue this process to really build up some crazy lashes, but I admittedly didn't try that. I'm an old fashioned girl, I suppose, who just wants the pow instead of all that boom boom along with it.

Also, I just got back from a weekend of drinking beers in the sun, so I'm going to blame my general weirdness/cheesery on that. Deal? Deal.

The first time I tried this out was with the Hope Girl 140 Superlash Mascara, which is the business on the length and the staying power (I can officially update you and say that this mascara goes literally nowhere on a hot day of sweating and general sunshine debauchery, it's amazing) but doesn't really bring the punch when it comes to volume. The first time, it clumped up a little bit, but I figured that I just needed to fiddle with it a little and it would be better. And it was. I tried as best I could to place the fibres really evenly over my lashes and not go too crazy with them, and in the end I really found that it gave me the kind of look I wanted.

Next, I tried this with the Hard Candy 1000 Lashes Mascara, because I wanted to see if it would intensify the colour at all. I think it did a little bit, but it also just gave a much fuller look than the mascara gives on its own, which gave it a more dramatic look.

My overall impression of the Essence Lash Volumizing Powder is overwhelmingly positive. I don't think it's a staple that every woman needs in her collection, but it's certainly a nice addition for those times when you want to bump up a look without having to do five coats of mascara that is inevitably going to turn into a clumpy, spidery mess. And at the price point, I really do think it's worth investing. 

I think that's actually my overwhelming feeling about Essence in general. There are a few products that really rival some products at a much higher price point, but for the most part they're just really serviceable and really affordable products that don't fail to get the job done. There are a few misses, but I've never felt too bad about them since they never set me back too much. I definitely recommend Essence, particularly for younger girls just starting out with makeup and for people on a budget.

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