UNBOXING: Ipsy September 2014

by - September 16, 2014

You might recall from my IPSY Spoilers post this month that I was pretty underwhelmed by what I was going to be getting in my bag this month. Not ragey and ready to cancel my subscription. Just. Bummed. Because of this, I wasn't nearly so excited to receive my bag this month as I am some other months. I didn't jump out of bed (where I felt as I was dying slowly from the coughing and sore throat and whole body aches of doom) to go get it when I got the delivery notification. I didn't even really care. Granted I was, by my own dramatized accounts, dying, so cosmetics hardly factored in. Still. Wasn't excited for this month's bag. Maybe that's why I'm actually not entirely disappointed after having opened it. Low expectations. Works every time.

Keep reading for a closer look....

To my incredible surprise, this is actually my favorite actual bag that we've gotten in a while. I'm not much of a girly girl and I don't really do bright and flashy, so most of my Ipsy bags end up in one of those reusable shopping bags that I keep tucked in my closet for extra makeup bag storage. Ahh, I remember a time when I had to buy makeup bags. Them's were not the days. Anyway, I am digressing again. This bag is a kind of gunmetal pleather that reminds me of a jacket that I owned when I was in high school. It's a fair bit deeper than your standard Ipsy bag, which I like, and it has four studs along the top of it so you too bad be a street style bad ass. Rawr. I like it. It's already in my purse with a few of my staples in it.

1. Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream
So. Handcream. Like I said in my spoiler post, I like hand cream. This one smells pretty nice, but there's something weird to me when I use it. Almost like it left a kind of film on my hands? I almost felt like I was going to rub them together and it was going to ball up disgustingly. TMI? I dunno, I've only used it once. Maybe it's me, not the hand cream. We shall see!

2. Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss
Okay, so when I saw the colour of the in the bag I literally thought to myself, "Welp, here's another Cailyn lip product that I'm never going to use." Like the "balm". Remember the "balm"? Yeah. Anyway, I tried this out on my lips and... holy. In the tube it looks like it's going to be a kind of warm, yucky brick red colour, but on the lips there's a ton of purplish berry undertones. In fact, when I took a sip of my coffee, the lip print on the lid was straight up purple. Now, I don't love a gloss, myself, but I could see myself using this from time to time. A hell of a lot more than the "balm". Or a brick red lip gloss of yuck. Pleasantly surprised.

3.Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser
I actually really like cleansers and this was one of the things I was looking forward to. I'm trying to use more friendly face products with less chemicals in it, so organic definitely ticks the box for me. I once got a lotion from Nourish Organic and I didn't like it at all... but I'm not much of a lotion person. I think I'll definitely enjoy this more and I'm actually really looking forward to trying it.

4. Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush
Obviously this is the one thing in the box that I actually was really looking forward to. Every time there is a brush in the spoilers, I want it. And every time I don't get it. WELL, MY DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. I really actually think this brush has potential. One end is a kind of wide, flat but fluffy brush that I think would be good for laying down colour for a one shadow look. The other end is a standard pencil brush, but it's really soft and has a nice point to it that will make it perfect for smoking out shadows on the lower lash line. Win, Ipsy. Win.

5. Pacifica Natural Water Proof Eye Pencil
So. I won't actually use this, I don't think. I think this is a pretty difficult colour for those of us that don't do a grey toned smoky eye... ever. I mean, it's pretty enough and I'm sure there's some people who will like the shade, but I'm not one of them. It's creamy enough and when I swatched it I didn't find it dragged or went patchy or anything. So there's that. Pacifica really isn't getting it done for me as far as their makeup is concerned. Also, I feel like there's been such good high end additions to everyone's bags the past couple of months that this just falls way short. Mostly, though, I'm just bummed about the colour. I wish it had been a deep, plummy purple.

So there you have it. I was expecting to be completely and totally underwhelmed, but I'm actually pretty whelmed. That's a thing, right? Whelmed? I feel like I just turned into an airhead rather than being the word nerd that I proudly am. I love the bag. I'm pleasantly surprised by a couple of the products, I love the bag, and there's only one item that's definitely going to get given away and my earliest convenience. Or, you know, as soon as I find someone in my life who wants it.

Here's to a better month next month... and to more bags (as in the actual bag) like this one!


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  1. I got exactly the same bag! I'm surprised how much I like it! When I looked at my glam room I was like Meh, but now that I have it, I love everything!

    1. It's weird, right? It looked like such a dud bag, but it actually turned out to be pretty damn good!