by - December 01, 2014

So I wasn't actually going to list any Cyber Monday deals here... because there are just SO MANY happening at the moment to list them all. However, when I saw these deals from NUME, I just couldn't resist first an order of my own and then a share. These are flash 24 hour deals, so they'll only be around until the morning, so if you're interested you better get in while you can!

You read that right. The NUME Reverse Classic Wand is reduced to $9.99USD if you use the code INSTA9. Regular price on this wand is $169, so I don't have to tell you that this is an INCREDIBLE deal.

This code MONDAY7 can be used for either the 25mm or the 32mm Classic Wand to get it for only $19.99. The original price on this was also $169... so even though it's not quite as good a deal as the first, it's still pretty damn amazing.

I ordered the reverse curling wand and there was a standard shipping fee to Canada of $15, which brought the total of this order to right around $30CAD. This seriously can't be beat. If you're in the market, I suggest you get there before the code stops working, because this is an incredible deal with a very short lifespan!

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