REVIEW: Skin Food Facial Water Vita-C

by - January 22, 2015

I feel like I need to start doing more reviews of products that I've received in various Memeboxes, particularly the products from the more well known brands that are easier for people to get their hands on. For me, when I'm thinking about trying out a new Korean product, I often search for reviews on blogs so that I can get some idea of how it performs or on whom it would work best. Seems like, considering that, it would be a good idea to throw my hat in the ring for other people who might be looking into trying new K-beauty products. I received this particular product in Superbox #84 - Skin Food, which is a box I'm actually really glad that I bought. I've tried almost everything in there (except for the toner, which I am going to try soon and hopefully review) and I like everything thus far. I've actually been a fan of everything I've tried from Skin Food in the past, but this cream is actually a pretty big stand out for me.

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Product Description:

Quench thirst by delivering a richly nutritious blend of Vitamin C complex and Alaska glacier water deep into skin. The Vitamin C complex contains extracts from raspberry, acai berry, cranberry, and strawberry and works to replenish healthy energy to dehydrated, dulled complexion.

How To Use:

Apply directly to clean face and let it absorb. It's recommended to be refrigerated for better moisturizing and soothing results. It can also be used as a hydrating pack by applying a thicker amount of the cream.

You know we're going to talk about packaging first, right? That's kinda how I roll. This little glass jar is so incredibly pretty that it makes me kinda sad that I've been keeping it in the fridge since I got it. However, I'm not about to take it out of there just because I wanna look at it. We'll get to that in a minute. This packaging is both beautiful to look at and also feels incredibly sturdy. Made of thick glass with a slight pinky frost to it, this feels like you're getting really good packaging. The gold lid is perhaps a little bit cheap feeling, but it's quite pretty with a subtle design and raised Skin Food logo.

Like it stated above, they recommend that you keep this in the fridge for better moisturizing and soothing. I can't really speak to whether or not this is more effective when it's cold, but it definitely makes it a perfect morning moisturizer. My favorite way to use this is at the end of my morning skincare routine, right before I put on my makeup. I find that the cooling effect on the skin takes away any leftover puffiness from sleep and it sinks into the skin quickly so that there isn't too much waiting time before skincare and makeup. Not gonna lie, that might be my favorite part of this since I don't leave myself a ton of time to get ready in the morning when hitting Snooze is an option.

I do, however, find that this is really effective at keeping my skin feeling supple and moisturized all day. I wouldn't necessarily call it an intensive moisturizer and I definitely need something a little more hardcore to put on before bed, but I think this gives me just the right amount of moisture for daytime. I find that a lot of heavier moisturizing products tend to break up my makeup more than I'd like, so I need something lighter that's going to sink into the skin but manage to hold up throughout the day. Sort of a tall order I think.

Overall I'm really enjoying this moisturizer and I find myself reaching for it most mornings, even though I do have a few options for daytime moisturizers on the go at the moment. If you're looking for something with more intense moisture or something with anti-aging benefits, I would probably tell you to skip this one, but if you're looking for something lighter to keep you fresh and moisturized through the day I would say this would be a good choice.

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