by - February 23, 2015

As much as I'd love to just feature new music on Music Monday, I am admittedly not as tuned in to new music released as I used to be. Something to work on, I think. Either way, I have a huge catalog of music that I absolutely love and that I absolutely love to share, so I feel like there are really endless options of what I can share on these Music Monday posts. I was listening to one of my favorite playlists on my iPhone the other day and this song, as well as a couple of others from this band, came on and I knew I wanted to feature it. This song is a few years old, but the first time I heard it I was pretty much instantly obsessed and have loved everything that MSMR has put out since this one. They continued to be a staple on my playlists. For anyone who likes this darker indie pop sound, I think this is definitely a band to look into.

Anyone who has paid attention to these Music Monday features knows how I much female vocalists with a smoky, sexy tone their voices. Lizzy Plapinger has really clean, smooth vocals, but she also has that edgy tone to her voice that I always appreciate. I know this may be a bit of a weird way to put it, but I love vocalists who sound like they've been through some stuff. Talented, but with an edge. I think that's generally what I'm drawn to in people as well, so it really isn't surprising. Anyone else feel like that tends to be a drawing force in music? I feel like I'm always drawn to music like I'm drawn to people.

The lyrics of this song delve into insecurity in relationships that I think most of us feel. I'm amazed at the ability of some artists to be vulnerable like that. For me, I feel like this song is about falling in love, feeling unworthy of the person you're with, and ultimately ruining that relationship before the other person can see through you and leave. The self fulfilling prophecy of insecurity is a bitch, isn't it? I feel like this is an incredibly relatable song, if only because I feel like that feeling of falling in love always comes with, at the very least, amazement that the person you love could possibly feel that way about you, with all of your flaws. I feel like we've all experienced that, at least to some degree. 

Didn't know what this would be
But I knew I didn't see what you thought you saw in me

A couple of others songs by MSMR that I love are Think Of You and Dark Doo Wop, which was actually the song that originally introduced me to the band and had such an interesting tone to it that I absolutely had to hear more.

Thanks for checking out Music Monday and check back next week for more!

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