REVIEW: Flower Beauty 4-in-1 BB Cream

by - February 25, 2015

I love BB Cream, I really do. Though I've been on a foundation kick recently, I'm still loving BB creams on days when I just want to do something quick and easy to even out my skin tone and hit it with some moisture and SPF. I feel like that's where BB creams really shine and why they've become such a huge hit. Now, I tend to find Asian BB creams to be head and shoulders above the products that western companies have on offer, so I really don't bother than much with trying out the options available locally and instead order my BB creams online directly from South Korea. Now that Flower Beauty is available in Canada at Walmart, I looked into their products and heard some pretty positive things about the BB cream that they have in their range, so I picked it up to try out and review.

Keep reading for my thoughts.

    Use daily to eliminate skin dullness
    Covers imperfections and discolorations
    Softens and smoothes skin
    Eliminates unwanted shine
First off, I want to point out that this doesn't appear to have an SPF in it, which is generally one of the draws of BB cream for me and is definitely a big draw back of this product. Without an SPF, I feel like this falls more into the tinted moisturizer or foundation category. For me, this definitely falls into the latter and I don't really think of it as a BB cream at all, regardless of what it is marketed as.

One thing that I consistently love about Flower Beauty products is the packaging. I love the simple white packaging and the rose gold accents. This product comes in a squeeze tube format, which I think is perfectly fine. I do prefer a pump on all of my face products, because I feel like it does offer the best protection against bacteria, but a squeeze tube is my second favorite type of packaging for any face product. Overall, I like the packaging of this product.

When it comes to BB cream, I like a more luminous finish. Not quite dewy, since I don't feel like a dewy finish tends to sit right on my skin, but I definitely prefer to have that really skin-like, healthy luminosity to the skin and this really didn't give me that. This shade, the lightest in the line, was far too light for even my fair skin and, though the coverage is really quite good, left my skin looking ghostly and unhealthy. I found that it clung to dry patches and imperfections on my skin, which made them even more noticeable than when I wasn't wearing anything at all. The longer I wore it, the worse it looked on my skin. It seemed to disappear in places and look cakey in others the longer I wore it.

Overall, I felt like it did absolutely nothing for me and that it actually made my skin look worse than wearing nothing at all. I also didn't like that this didn't behave the way that I want a BB cream to behave on my skin, leaving my skin looking flat and dry rather than bright and healthy. I do feel like this BB cream could probably work fairly well for someone with oily skin, particularly someone in their teens or 20s. I think that there are much better options for people with normal to dry or more mature skin, particularly when it comes to BB cream.

This really was a complete pass for me and I ended up returning it, since there really was no way that this was going to get any kind of use in my collection and that $13 could be spent on another product that is going to perform better for my skin.  

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