UNBOXING: Julep Maven February 2015

by - February 09, 2015

The month's collection was called the Afterglow Collection and I feel like they really focused on the new highlighters. Because I'm a little overloaded with nail polish, I was instantly drawn to the box that included the highlighter, which is one makeup item that I feel like I'm constantly on a holy grail hunt for, as well as a liquid illuminator pen. To be honest, I'm often drawn to the beauty types of items from Julep, because I really do feel like they've had some amazing ones and I always want to try to look for the next Bare Face oil. This is, unsurprisingly, why I picked up the Night Shift Sleeping Mask. I feel like this is a product that is similarly inspired by current trends in Asian skincare, and those are some of my favorite trends to follow. Along with the metamorphic top coat that I absolutely had. to. have. this month, there was a bonus polish in this month's box. Let's take a closer look!

Julep Night Shift Sleeping Mask with Power Cell Complex
What it is:
A reparative moisture mask that does the heavy lifting while you’re fast asleep so you wake up to a brighter, smoother, firmer complexion.

What it does:
  • Reaches deep to stimulate cell turnover and renewal
  • A clinically proven peptide blend works to retexturize skin
  • Sodium hyaluronate and botanical extracts (including our Power Cell Complex™) deliver maximum moisture
  • I am not sneaky about my love for overnight masks. I get that they're not for everyone, but I feel like they're definitely for me. I always find that if I really care for my skin before bed, I wake up to skin that has really done the work of healing and repairing the damage done to it throughout the previous day and life while I was sleeping. I think this is definitely why I love them so much. Your skin is working hard at night, taking care of itself, and a little overnight boost can help the process. Plus... Cell renewal, retexturizing, and maximum moisture? Sign me up.

    FIRST IMPRESSION: I tried this last night and when I woke up this morning my skin felt hydrated and soft and I felt like any blemishes I've been dealing with looked less red and pronounced. I'm pretty optimistic about continuing to use this product.

    Julep Illume Face & Eye Brightener in Pink
    What it is:
    A lightweight eye illuminator. Great for face, too! 
    What it does:
    Packed with antioxidants for long-term brightening and smoothing. Looks great alone or under foundation.
    I hate my under eye circles, I really do. I've been told that they're not that bad, but when I look in the mirror I definitely see them. Lately, I've been playing with different correcting and brightening products with varied success, so I'm looking forward to trying this out. It's a twist up pen type of brightener with a brush tip, like a lot of other products of this type. It's a very light peachy pink shade, that I think will work really well with my light skin tone. I wouldn't recommend this particular shade for anyone too much darker than me, because I think it would be too stark and pink, but there is a darker shade in this product called Champagne and I suspect it would be good for darker skintones.

    FIRST IMPRESSION: This is a little thin and I think it may have pronounced the fine lines around my eyes more than I would like... but I suspect that with a little bit of playing with it, I can figure out how to make that stop. 

    Julep Glow Highlighting Powder
    What it is:
    A multitasking marvel designed to play up light and play down wrinkles, discoloration, and pores. 
    What it does:
    Light-diffusing diamond powder and vitamin B6 reduce the appearance of wrinkles, discoloration, and pores.
    Julep's exclusive Power Cell Complex™ blends the benefits of three age-defying, skin-boosting, ultra-hydrating ingredients:
    Rosehip seed oil delivers essential nutrients to soothe and repair.
    Malvaceae Lipid Extract™ improves barrier function so skin retains moisture.
    Green coffee bean oil invigorates skin & promotes cell turnover.
    I have to admit, when I opened this I was a little surprised. It isn't showing up as warm in pictures as it does in real life, but this has a definite golden peach kind of undertone to it and I'm not sure how that'll work with my skin. I suspect that this will be the kind of highlighter I'll only be able to use in the summer when I have a little bit of a tan. I'm also a little bit surprised by the pigmentation and texture. I think I was expecting it to be more buttery and pigmented, but it's actually kind of dry and the pigmentation is lighter. It doesn't really show up in swatches the way that I thought it would. That being said, I tried this on the back of my hand using a brush and it gives a really subtle, pretty glow to the skin. I'm holding off on judgement until I can try this on my face, but I'm cautiously optimistic about it.

    FIRST IMPRESSION: I haven't actually used this on my face yet, so I can't say.

    Julep Metamorphic Top Coat in Tyra
    "Magenta pearlescent silk top coat."

    I don't think I ever updated you guys on how I felt about Tilda, the Metamorphic Top Coat I got in my last Maven box... but it was freakin' amazing. It looked absolutely gorgeous on top of a few different polishes that I tried it with and it absolutely prolonged the wear of my manicure without any chipping. That's what I needed to have this one. In photos, you can't see the gorgeousness in the bottle, but it has the most beautiful pink sheen to it that will transform any polish you put it on top of. If my currently manicure wasn't wearing so amazingly, I would be taking it off and doing a new one with this polish. As it stands, though, I'll wait and do one soon. Maybe later this weekend. GORGEOUS.

    Julep Nail Varnish in Hartleigh
    "Holographic heart glitter top coat."

    I admit I didn't actually pay attention when they said that this polish was going to be included as a bonus in February boxes, so I was happily surprised to get a little something extra. This glitter polish is very different. It has small holographic glitters, small white hex glitters, and medium red metallic heart glitters. I think this will be really cute for a Valentine's nail polish look, but for me that's probably about it. I might see if I know someone who might get more use of this, but it's just a little too cutesy and over the top for day to day wear for me. Still, it's a great addition for a Valentine's Day box.

    Night Shift Sleeping Mask, Illume Eye Brightener in Pink, Glow Highlighting Powder

    Overall, I'm pretty happy about what I chose this month and definitely looking forward to trying these items out. I may review a few of these products in the future, particularly the Night Shift mask, so check back for that!

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